Kendra Spade is impatiently trying to get Jake Adams, her step-brother, out of the house. She has her boyfriend coming over for a date while their parents are out, so she just needs Jake to be gone, too. Jake insists that he’s hurrying, though he teases her, asking her what kind of things they plan to do during their date? Kiss? Do MORE than kiss? Kendra tells him that it’s none of his business, shutting him down and kicking him out.

Once Jake’s out the door, he gets a text from Kendra’s boyfriend. Kendra’s phone must be off since the boyfriend can’t get ahold of her to tell her that he has to cancel that night. Can Jake get the word to her?

Jake goes back into the house to tell her and approaches Kendra’s bedroom. He slows when he hears light moaning, finding his sister face-down, ass-up on the bed, with her glasses taken off and resting beside her. She’s naked, her ass and pussy in plain view of Jake, who can’t resist leaning in for a closer look as she fingers herself. Meanwhile, without her glasses, Kendra mistakes her brother for her boyfriend, seductively saying that she’s doing what he wanted — she’s all ready for him!

Jake silently caresses her ass and pussy, knowing that he shouldn’t be taking advantage of his sister like this, but she’s too delectable to resist. He glances briefly to the door, as if checking that they really are alone, then whips his cock out. He slips inside of her and Kendra happily fucks him… until she puts her glasses back on.

Kendra is horrified that she’s been fucking her step-brother the whole time! Jake tries to insist that it was a mistake but Kendra doesn’t buy it for a second. Then Jake turns the tables on her, insisting that she was clearly into it. Kendra protests that she wasn’t but Jake argues that, yeah, she was — she came, he knows what cumming sounds like!

Kendra’s flustered and wants him out of her room, though Jake asks why HE doesn’t get to cum, too? Kendra insists it’s because he tried to trick her, which is NOT cool. Jake keeps pressing, insisting that she was having so much fun, so why deny herself that?

Jake’s reassurance seems to sway Kendra as she dreamily smiles after a few moments — she DID enjoy it…

Now it takes no coaxing as Kendra goes down on Jake, taking his cock into her mouth. In her quest to make Jake cum, too, she invites him into her pussy, over and over again, enjoying the sex just as much as she did before. Maybe even more! It turns out that her boyfriend bailing on her still made for a great date night after all.


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Published: January 1, 2019

Duration: 0:43:01
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