Jake Adams sneaks into the family bathroom, removing the shampoos and towels, and hiding them under the sink. When he gets back to the door, his step-sister, Jane Wilde, is there waiting to get in. Jake is chipper, like usual, and Jane scoffs, stating that that’s how she knows they’re not related since he’s too chipper in the morning.

She pushes past Jake and gets into the shower. Meanwhile, Jake watches her through a crack in the door, waiting for the payoff from his little prank. When Jane realizes that the shampoos and towels are missing, she calls out to him, asking where her stuff is. Jake appears in the doorway, catching her buck naked. Jane is startled, covering her private parts, telling Jake to stop staring at her! He should be helping her find her stuff instead. Jake then makes a show of looking around the bathroom, checking the drawers. He takes out a washcloth, but doesn’t reveal the rest of her items.

Jane is still shyly covering her body, though Jake tells her that she shouldn’t be shy — she’s hot! Jane is grossed out that her own brother’s saying such things! He tells her that he’s just paying her a compliment — they’re not blood related, anyway, so it’s all good. He tries to give her the washcloth, tickling her, which causes her hands to fly away from her perky breasts as she playfully swats at Jake. However, he takes it a bit too far when he touches her breasts, which causes her to get defensive again.
Jane insists that Jake’s being SUPER inappropriate. Jake argues that why can’t they have a little fun? Who cares what their parents think? Jane is flustered, saying that they shouldn’t act on their thoughts, which tells Jake that she thinks of him in inappropriate ways, too. Jake tries encouraging and seducing her again, playfully saying that this can be their little secret. Now that Jane is unable to help casting flirty looks to Jake, she agrees — as long as he doesn’t tell anyone.

Jane drops to her knees and takes Jake’s cock into her eager mouth, getting him nice and wet. Once he’s good to go, he slides his cock into Jane’s pussy, giving his sweet sister the ride of her life. When planning this prank, he never thought it’d end like this!


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Published: December 25, 2018

Duration: 0:32:17
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