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PrimalsMentalDomination – Learning to Accept her True Nature – Athena Farris, Michael Masters


-Athena is starting her second semester at college and she has a mandatory meeting with the schools head guidance councilor. Mr Masters prides himself on guiding the promising female students to the career that best s...

PrimalsDisgracedSuperheroines – Three Titans Fall to One Lustful God – Alex Coal, Athena Faris, Scarlett Snow, Michael Masters


Titans Raven, Terra and Starfire confront the God Dionysus and fall prey to his magic.Part 2

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Seducing her Step-Son – Melissa Lynn


Part 1 Matt’s step-mom comes in the kitchen from some errands before she heads to the beach for happy hour with her friend, not expecting Matt home until later that night from a work trip. She finds her laptop on the...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Step-Mother’s Indecent Proposal – Kit Mercer, Rion King


Part 1 Step-Mom's never really enjoyed working, and she's been blowing through everything she got in her divorce from step-dad. Now that I inherited a HUGE stack of money from my grand uncle she has been acting the w...

PrimalsCustomVideos – Rag Doll Fuck Doll – Piper Perri


Part 1 Piper hears a noise in the middle of the night and is surprised by some special friends that want to play her favorite game - "make Piper a fuck doll" they give her pats to the belly, taps to the head and a ni...

PrimalsTabooFamilyRelations – There’s Nothing to be Ashamed of, this is Natural – Kit Mercer, Rion King


Kit can't understand why her step-son is so annoyed that she is working out at the same time he is, until she see his HUGE boner. She starts explaining that it's ok, it's natural and then he kisses her! He stops sudde...

PrimalsMentalDomination – New Roommate Makes the House Rules – Nia Nacci, Nathan Bronson


Nia is looking for a new roommate to help with the rent, and hopefully manipulate into doing most of the work around the house. She didn't really want a male roommate but Nathan was the first to reply and she's always...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Covering My Step-sisters Ass, In Exchange for Ass – Aria Kai, Michael Masters


I got payback for my step-sister getting me kicked out a while back, and we've been getting along ok. Except she barely ever wants to put out. She blew me once for covering for her when she fucked up but hasn't thanke...

PrimalsTabooFamilyRelations – Step-Daughter Caught Stripping for Extra Cash – Hazel Moore, Michael Masters


Hazel's step-dad has been getting suspicious about her behavior and when he finally confronts her about it he discovers she has been stripping for extra cash. He thinks he can embarrass her out of doing it anymore by ...

PrimalsCustomVideos – Trained as the New Office Pet – Alex Coal, Leah Winters


AMBER is sitting behind a desk going over papers. APRIL enters through the door. AMBER: Hi thanks for coming in! please take a seat. APRIL: Thanks for having me. I’m really excited for the opportunity to work here....

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Little Stepsister Still wants it to be The way It Was Before I Moved out – Winter Jade, Michael Masters


My visit back home has brought back some special memories, or, more exactley my "little" stepsister Winter has brought them back. I wasn't sure if it was a one time thing, but when she comes out by the pool she starts...

PrimalsTabooFamilyRelations – Taking advantage of Step-Mom – Makayla Cox, Ricky Spanish


Part 1: Offended by everything and everyone, Ricky no longer wants to live under the same roof with his stepmother! The depressed son is deeply oppressed by the constant complete disregard of his person by the stepmot...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Twin Daughters Give Step-Daddy Special Gifts – Sami White, Joey White, Michael Masters


Sweet twins just turned 18 and for their birthday they want to give a special gift to their special step-dad. They have wanted to for a long time and now, the moment they are old enough, they lead step-daddy into thei...

PrimalsFantasyPOV – Blackmailing my Friends Hot Cheating Girlfriend to be My Slut – She Hates Me – Charlotte Sins


Charlotte is SO FUCKING HOT! and she is such A BITCH! She cheats on my boy all the time, and loves acting like she owns his big house and just lays around his pool all day. Well, I got some great video showing what a ...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Made Her Into Brothers Slut – Jessa Rhodes, Michael Masters


I know what my step-sister has been doing with my step-dad since she moved back in. When she left I was just a kidd. She doesn't realize there are two men in this house. She is the first thing I ever jerked off over, ...

TabooHeat – Cheating Wife Fucks Well Hung Step Son – Cory Chase, J Mac


Caught Jerking Off To Step Mom's Social Media Account I was looking at my step mom's social media account, when she walks up to me and asks me a question. "Would you like to have some fun with me before I go off to w...

PrimalsTeasingEdgingGrinding – Slow Cock and Cum Sharing – Gabbie Carter, Alex Coal


Gabbie and Alex became instant friends while sharing a rock hard cock. They are a perfect team.

PrimalsMentalDomination – Cock Teasing Step-Daughter Conditioned to Do Whatever Step-Daddy Wants – Winter Jade, Michael Masters


Winter really loves fucking with her Stepdad. She knows how hot she is and how uncomfortable he gets with the little outfits she wears when they're home alone. This time she teases at the wrong time and she gets condi...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Making My Hot Step-Sister into a Money Making THOT – Gabbie Carter, Michael Masters


My step-sister Gabbie is always borrowing money and never paying it back. She definitely isn't getting a job anytime soon. She just takes selfies and lays out by the pool. Seriously though, if she could get paid for t...

PrimalsPOVFamilyLust – Blake Blossom – Step Dad Needs To Accept Her Nudist Life Style – Blake Blossom, Michael Masters


Free spirited Blake has decided that she is going to embrace a nudist life style, but her step dad isn't very comfortable with her decision. She is extremely attractive and it's very difficult to not glace at her full...

PrimalsDisgracedSuperheroines – Supergirl – Teenage Superheroine First Time Exposure to Pink Kryptonite XXX – Blake Blossom, Michael Masters


Part One - Teenage Supergirl exposed to Pink Kryptonite for the first time - Young Supergirl is investigating a mining operation by Lionel Luther. She has been given information that there is radioactive material in t...

PrimalsTeasingEdgingGrinding – Sweet Playful Babygirl Edges and Giggles – Winter Jade


Winter is such a sweet sexy babygirl. Showing her cute little pajama set with her mischievous smile. She LOVES teasing a hard cock with her soft fingers until it blasts all over her as she giggles and laughs

PrimalFetish – Carter Wants Step Dad All For Herself – Gabbie Carter, Michael Masters


Beautiful Gabbie has been missing her step dad a lot lately. She wants him all to herself and she does a VERY good job of convincing him to stay home with her.

PrimalFetish – Sharing a Hotel Room with My Step-Daughter – Ellie Eilish, Michael Masters


It's been a long day on the road driving with my step-daughter Ellie and we have to share a one bed hotel room. Ellie's such a sweet quiet girl. Sometimes I catch her staring at me and I wonder if I did something wron...

PrimalFetish – Step-Sister’s BFF Catches us Fucking – Alex Coal, Blake Blossom, Michael Masters


I get home late from working hoping for a quick hard fuck with Alex, but my sister has her friend Blake over. Blake is SO HOT but my sister's friends are off limits and besides my sister is crazy hot and has been taki...

PrimalFetish – Teaching my Innocent Simple Sister about Sex During Quarantine – Blake Blossom, Michael Masters


So, I have been quarantining with my step-sister for weeks. Step-Mom and step-dad got stuck visiting our grandparents so they aren't going to home anytime soon. My girlfriend won't get together till everything passes ...

PrimalFetish – Her Step-Brother’s Slut – Ava Taylor, Michael Masters


PART 1 Ava Busted Cheating - My "perfect" Step-Sister Ava is studying very hard, or rather, studying the stolen answers to the exam.She always acts like she is perfect, but now I fucking have her! She tries to play it...

PrimalFetish – Step-Mom Behaviour Modification – Melissa Lynn, Rion King


Rion's Step-mom is a total bitch to him. He knows she is out to get his inheritance and that is the only reason she married his step-dad. One morning Rion Helps her take a nap and puts a installs a Behaviour Modificat...

PrimalFetish – Mesmerizing the 18 Year Old Office Hottie to Make a Sex Tape – Gabbie Carter, Michael Masters


Gabbie is the youngest girl in the office. A Mix of innocence and entitlement in a tight fit body and INCREDIBLE huge natural tits. After realizing Michael Masters is totally harmless she is happy to have someone at t...

PrimalFetish – I’ll Take Care Of You Daddy – Lily Jordan, Michael Masters


Lily's Daddy's comes into her room to talk to her about him and her mom's separation. He goes on to tell her that he's going to be moving out after her mother comes back in 2 weeks. Lily goes onto say that if there is...

PrimalFetish – Blackmailing My Slut Sister – Kylie Jay, Michael Masters


Part 1: I watch my sister, who thinks she's all alone and so secretive, sneak into our Dad's office and steal some cash. Before I let her know I saw her do it, I take a few snaps on my phone to blackmail her. If she ...

PrimalFetish – Entitled Step-Daughter Remote Control – Athena Rayne, Michael Masters


Athena couldn't be more disrespectful to her step-father, he just wants a day to watch the new TV and relax. As Athena is running her mouth, mad that he is home he hits pause on the remote to deal with it, and Athena ...

PrimalFetish – Dad, I Want You To Fuck My Friend – Lacey Lennon, Athena Faris


My daughter Lacey has her INSANELY hot friend Athena sleeping over. They always find reasons to come out in the living room in there "comfy clothes" that shows off how amazing and perfect their bodies are. Girls did N...

PrimalFetish – Time Stop – Alexis Monroe, Michael Masters


Alexis is doing her yoga exercises with the door open when her roommate takes notice. It just so happens he's recently downloaded a new app that promises to give pause to the bitchy woman in your life. He decides to t...

PrimalFetish – Step-Sister gets Sluttier with every Roll of the Dice – Sophia Lux, Rion King


Rion is really trying to get some of the girls he knows to start getting a little more exciting, It would be great to have a girlfriend that was into getting a wild, and he's heard girls just need an excuse to let go....

PrimalFetish – Ignore & Jerk Off – Cassidy Klein, Rion King


Rion's sitting at home watching TV when his friend Cassidy comes over, snatches the remote, and changes the channel on him. He looks at her in confusion, but she quickly finds a way to distract him- touching his dick....

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Sister’s Addiction – Jillian Janson, Rion King


Part One: Rion comes home a little early and runs into her sister- naked. As her excitement gets the best of her, she runs over and hugs him, rubbing his arm and being slightly flirty with him. She tells him she want...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – The Contract – Athena Rayne, Michael Masters


Athena is ready to make her mark and represent women in the corporate world. She excited to get an intership at a prestigious company and eagerly signs the contract presented her. Then her new boss Mr Daemon explains ...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – The Tutor – Jasmine Grey


Llewyn has been waiting for Jasmine to show up for their tutoring session. She finally walks in the door 45 minutes late, and to make matters worse, couldn't care less. She then begins to demand answers to the next te...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Under the Tutor’s Influence 1 – Lily Rader, Rion King


Rion has been trying to explain the homework to Lily all afternoon, but she's too enamored with her phone, caught up in some stupid argument with her boyfriend, Roger. She clearly doesn't appreciate all the effort Rio...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Wonder Piper: Damaged Dreams Custom Edition – Piper Perri


When Wonder Piper is taken down in an ambush and KO'd. While she is out reality and nightmare blends as she is put under over and over and fucked mercilessly while her mind fades into one helpless scenario after another.

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Training The Secretary – Pristine Edge, Michael Masters


Pristine Edge is working late again. Her boss, as usual makes a pass at her. Of course she gets uptight about it. But really she just needs to relax. He offers to show her what he does when he is feeling stressed...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Brother’s Crush – Ashly Anderson, Rion King


Part 1 Ashly finds her brother's phone just laying around. She's caught in a dilemma: just give it back to him and always wonder, or take a look at what her brother's been hiding. Ashly is floored to find pictures of...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Summer Brooks Remote Control – Summer Brooks, Rion King


My bitch of a sister went through my tablet. I told her not to touch my stuff, but she never listens. She found some videos on it and starts to tell me how stupid she thinks I am for thinking you can control a woman's...

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Bridgette B Jerks the Perv Out of Her Son – Bridgette B, Rion King


Bridgette is taking a shower when she catches her son spying on her. She tells him to get into the shower with her so she can jerk the pervert right out of him.

Clips4Sale PrimalFetish – Getting Ready for Prom: Part 1 – Aspen Celeste, Ricky Spanish


Aspen's brother Ricky tells her that he doesn't plan on going to prom. Aspen is shocked, knowing prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that she'd hate to see her little brother miss. She insists on teaching him how ...