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FakeHostel – The Lockdown – Julia Parker, Venera Maxima, Ricky Rascal


Julia Parker, Venera Maxima, and Ricky Rascal are sitting around their laptop in the Fake Hostel when an announcement blares out that due to a virus, lockdown is occurring. The Landlord, wearing a special mask, locks ...

FakeTaxi – An Historic Fake Taxi Fuck – Red August


An American blonde by the name of Red August got into the Fake Taxi today. Red was in England on vacation and doing some sight seeing, and asked me to take her to see some historic sights. As we drove along, the bird ...

FakeHubOriginals – Anal Antics 2


The anal addicts will love these anal antics! Blonde bimbo Barbie Bangs flashes her big fake tits in the Fake Taxi for a discount, then takes it in the butt for a free ride. American student Chloe Carter does such a t...

PublicAgent – Redhead fucked in a tunnel – Ariela Donovan, Erik Everhard


We saw skinny redhead Ariela Donovan hanging out by herself, so Martin and I approached her. Ariel didn't speak English, so Martin translated for me. She said someone had stolen her wallet, and was waiting for a frien...

PublicAgent – She Needs Money, He Has A Dick, They Fuck All Night – Vivien Gore, Martin Gun


Vivien was happy to take my money for a short interview. It was actually shorter than usual because I knew that she needed extra cash. So I just cut straight to the point and offered her money for a blowjob. While she...

PublicAgent – Fake Agent Tricks A Pretty Babe Into Fucking His Balls Dry – Violette Pure, Martin Gun


Nakita was walking home from college when I approached her with my fake modeling career offer. She took a lot of persuading and cash to get her to agree to just one photo in her underwear. Once we had agreed a cash pr...

PublicAgent – Stranger Bends Brunette’s Ass Over And Fucks In A Bathroom Stall – Clair Brooks, Martin Gun


I saw this beautiful brunette walking home from work. I could see that she has a great looking ass, oh and face! I paid her to see her tits that she was willing to do relatively easily. But I had to pay her more to se...

PublicAgent – Stranger Stuffs His Cock Into A Tight Pussy – Gettin Cute, Martin Gun


I gave Katka 5000 Crowns for a 5 minute interview about sex for money. I then challenged her morals by offering her money for sex for real. Her tight pussy got really wet as I fucked her from behind. She has one of th...

PublicAgent – Blonde Babe Is Hungry For Stranger’s Sticky Cumshot – Laura Rore, Martin Gun


I only wanted to pay to see her sexy ass, but this girl was so sexy I wanted to see her naked. She was willing to get her clothes off for money, and I was very please when she agreed to have sexy with me for bundles o...

PublicAgent – Pale Cutie Cheats On Boyfriend To Drain The Cum From A Big Dick – Bella Diamond, Martin Gun


I saw sexy Belinda coming out of the florist and as I was in a need of a blowjob, I thought I'd find out if she would fall for my fake modeling agent routine. I quickly realized that she was not interested, so I decid...

PublicAgent – Yenka – Storm Goia, Martin Gun


Oh sweet 18 Yenka. All she wanted was to have her TV fixed so she could watch it in her new house. All I wanted was some of that sweet teen ass that she had. Once I made her a cash offer, she showed me that she had pl...

FakeHostel – Fuck the Location Fee – Mia Rose, Steve Q


The Landlord is making his rounds in the Fake Hostel when he comes across busty Mia Rose taking selfies with her tits out. Mia sees him in her camera and drops her phone. The Landlord demands to know if she plans on s...

PublicAgent – Apartment Shopping Turns Into A Cum Fiesta – Debie Danseuse aka Nikol Yoyre, Martin Gun


Nicole came to view an apartment that she was interested in renting. I was of course pretending to be the estate agent for this apartment. She loved the apartment but could not afford the monthly rent and deposit. I o...

PublicAgent – Fake Repair Man Fixes Blondes Sexual Frustration With His Dick – Uma Stephenson, Martin Gun


Using my latest disguise as a computer repair man, I'm invited into Eva;'s house to see if I can fix her broken PC. I tell her that she has a virus because she has been watch to much porn. She tries to tell me that it...

PublicAgent – Stranger Convinces Hot Blonde He’s Never Fucked A Woman – Mina Lova, Martin Gun


I spotted this very blonde and pale looking girl wit ha sexy body coming out of the subway. I needed an outrageous storyline to get this girl to suck and fuck me. I could not believe what came out of my mouth, but I t...

PublicAgent – Stranger Pays Good Money To Fuck Cute Girl In His Car – Gina Gerson, Martin Gun


I pretended to be lost in Prague and looking for the ice hockey stadium. I asked this sexy little minx for directions. I ended up paying €50 for her to take me there in my car. I was soon spending over €400 for her to...

FakehubOriginals – Ebony Babes Volume 2


FemaleFakeTaxi – One Last Sexual Adventure – Ania Kinski, Bilbo Shaggins


I was driving when a short man with tattoos got into my cab. He asked me not to take him to Isengard, but rather, to the town center, so he could purchase the one true ring to propose to his partner in marriage. Get t...

PublicAgent – Cheating Blonde Loves The Taste Of A Stranger’s Cum – Nella Elmeritta, Martin Gun


I do love a sexy blonde and Nella is just the type I like. She looks very presentable in nice clothes and make-up. She told me that she has a boyfriend who pays her a lot of money to keep her happy. I offered her some...

PublicAgent – Pregnant Hottie Needs That Good Stranger Dick – Angelina Caliente, Martin Gun


Marketa was struggling to carry her shopping. She was 6 months pregnant, so I offered to carry her shopping home for her. On the walk home I could not resist finding out if she would be interested in doing some pregna...

PublicAgent – Stranger’s Cum Splooshed In Brunette’s Mouth Makes Her Happy – Alice More, Martin Gun


I managed to get Alice back to my room after telling her that I have a job for her. the job was to use her body as adverting space. I explained that all the models are now doing it for extra cash. However, the only th...

FakeTaxi – Short Denim Dress and Perfect Boobs – Sybil Kailena


Sybil Kailena got into the Fake Taxi today wearing a cute short denim dress. She told me she was headed to the main square for some shopping with friends. Apparently, she didn't understand how physics worked, because ...

PublicAgent – Making his Dreams CUM True – Sydney Love, Erik Everhard


I was walking along with a buddy when we saw tattooed hottie Sydney Love. Sydney was waiting for the bus, and with my buddy translating, I told her about a fantasy I've had forever. I wanted to jerk off in front of a ...

PublicAgent – Student with Big Natural Boobs – Taylee Wood


I saw busty brunette Taylee Wood waiting on the side of the road, so I struck up a conversation. Taylee was a 20 year old student, and she was waiting for the bus. I told her I had a little questionnaire I was asking ...

PublicAgent – Flash Me Your Pussy – Lexi Dona, Erik Everhard


I saw petite blonde Lexi Dona in a bit of a rush, but she was so hot, so I stopped her. She said I could only have a minute of her time, so I told her I had just received my stimulus money. I was looking for someone t...

FakeHubOriginals – The Best of Jennifer Keellings


Fiery ginger Jennifer Keelings is the pride of Scotland, and this compilation will show you why! This big breasted babe starts by catching Antonio driving the Fake Taxi without a license, so she gets a taste of his bi...

PublicAgent – Stranger Gives Stranded Hottie A Ride On His Thick Dick – Wendy Moon, Martin Gun


Wendy had just missed her bus home, and it was freezing cold. I used this opportunity to use my fake TV company interview routine. She took a lot of convincing for her to get in to my car, but the promise of warmth cl...

PublicAgent – A Tight Blonde Gets Her Pussy Stuffed With Cock – Radka Toc, Martin Gun


Plain and simple...I'll pay her to see her naked. After lengthy negotiations, I eventually get Radka into my hotel room to strip for me. After she exposes herself and parades naked on my bed, it was only a matter of t...

PublicAgent – English Lesson Turns Into A Good Fucking For Busty Blonde – Mia Angel, Martin Gun


I really had to act in this scene. I'm pretending that I can't speak any English and decide to hire an English language tutor. To my amazement, my tutor was a stunning blonde with great tits. I know it's hard to belie...

PublicAgent – Fake Movie Producer Casts Brunette To Fuck His Cock – Meggie Nessy, Martin Gun


I love to pretend that I am a Hollywood movie producer. When I saw Lenka coming out of the shopping centre, I told her that our movie production company had lost one of it's doubles for a sex scene. She was the perfec...

PublicAgent – Meeting The New Horny Blonde Neighbor – Bella Karina, Martin Gun


I caught up with my new neighbour Lucie. She has recently moved in nearby. I pretended I needed a short interview with her on camera for a fake web site. I got her back to my room and the only real question I wanted t...

PublicAgent – Unemployed Hottie Swallows Up A Cock To Pay Rent – Johane Johansson, Martin Gun


I watch Joan coming out of the Job Centre and thought this was a great opportunity to use my Fake Model Agency routine. As predicted, she called me within 7 days and she was soon sucking and fucking my dick for extra ...

PublicAgent – Fake Electrician Takes Blonde’s Blowjob Lips For A Ride – Michaela Bottas, Martin Gun


I'm really desperate for a blowjob. So in this scene I'm pretending to be a gas/electricity sale agent. Natasha is also desperate to sale on her heating bills, so between us we both got what we wanted.

PublicAgent – Masseuse Massages Stranger’s Cock With Her Pussy – Miranda, Martin Gun


I was really enjoying my sport massage from Miranda. I was enjoying it a little too much. She noticed my huge erection and was getting in her way. I showed her my bundles of cash and she gave me a special massage.

PublicAgent – Stunning Blonde Happily Exchanges Pussy Fucking For Money – Karol, Martin Gun


I invited this stunning long blonde haired beauty up to my hotel room to take some casting photo's. She looked great in her sexy white underwear. She looked even better sucking and fucking my dick.

PublicAgent – Dark Haired Hottie Rides Stranger’s Cock In Public Fuck – Victoria Blaze, Martin Gun


I could not believe my luck. I met this sexy brunette in a car park and I tried it on with my fake advertising agency routine. She fall for it! She is stunning. I got her back to a hotel room and fucked her before she...

PublicAgent – Pixie Haired Blonde Swallows Up All Of Stranger’s Hot Cum – Gabriela Hell, Martin Gun


Cheeky Heather tried to convince me that the fake wallet that I pretended to find was her brothers. the wallet was full of cash. I suggested that we take it to the police...or maybe she would like to earn the money wi...

PublicAgent – Horny Redhead Introduces Her Pussy To Stranger’s Thick Cock – Barbra Sweet, Martin Gun


Bara was more than happy to take part in my fake sex questionaire. While I was asking her the questions about her sex life, she began to get very horny. We both ended up in a hotel room and I showed her what real sex is.

PublicAgent – Huge Tits On This Brunette Means A Heavy Cumshot For Stranger – Mia Manarote, Martin Gun


Sexy blue eyed brunette is the ideal girl to play my model agent routine on. She's already a model so she really know's how to work the camera...and my cock.

FakeTaxi – Fuck Me Hard Like My Boyfriend – Angel Emily


When I saw it was Angel Emily who had called the Fake Taxi, my heart sank. We had broke up not to long ago, and I knew she was here to torture me. Angel told me she had a new boyfriend, which a huge cock, and he fucke...

PublicAgent – Curvy Blonde Proves Her Ability To Take A Dick – Maya Angel, Martin Gun


I put a fake advert out there for a person assistant. Maya was to first to reply. She fell for my story about me being a ice hockey manager and really had to prove herself!

PublicAgent – Money Always Makes The Hot Blondes Suck A Cock – Sophia Magic, Martin Gun


I really wanted to see Sophia's tits, and after handing over more money that i wanted I eventually got her back to her apartment where she showed more than her tits...just before her boyfriend returned home.

PublicAgent – Blonde Babe Fucks Stranger’s Thick Dick For A Photoshoot – Jenna, Martin Gun


Oh how lucky I was to find the sexy blonde bombshell Jenna just standing a the bus stop. She's never had a photo shoot before, and when I told her that I could make her a cover girl, she was open to anything!

PublicAgent – Stranger Comes To Fix Washing Machine, Cums On Blonde Instead – Carolina Ilsa, Martin Gun


Caroline needed me to fix her washing machine. It was fucked...and with a little bit of persuasion with my cash, so was she!

PublicAgent – Stranded Babe Takes A Ride Home On Stranger’s Dick – Candy Alexa, Martin Gun


I saw Candy standing at the train station. She told me that she was a model. I offered her one last job before she went home. Candy has amazing tits and arse that I put to good use!

FakeHostel – Stuck In A Ladder – Sybil Kailena, Charlie Dean


Backpacking through Europe, petite brunette Sybil Kailena rents a room at the Fake Hostel. With a room to herself, Sybil decides to do some yoga in a thonged one-piece bodysuit. Once finished, Sybil notices her bed is...