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SweetSinner – Naughty Nannies Scene 4 – Kylie Rocket, Derrick Pierce


Sammie isn't know for being a good girl, so when she's left alone with Mr. Pierce and her friend Courtney isn't home, she takes advantage of a rare opportunity to fuck his brains out. Claiming his cock as her own - Sa...

SweetSinner – Naughty Nannies Scene 3 – Anna Clair Clouds, Derrick Pierce


Courtney has a major thing for Mr. Pierce, but she doesn't want to lose her job by crossing the line first, so when he does she jumps at the chance. The two meet downstairs in her guest bedroom and fuck each other's b...

SweetSinner – Naughty Nannies Scene 2 – Jamie Michelle, Nathan Bronson


Mrs. Pierce hasn't had sex in months and her eye is on the handsome pool boy, River. The second they have a moment alone, she sneaks him upstairs to her bedroom and fucks him in the very bed she shares with her husban...

SweetSinner – Naughty Nannies Scene 1 – Kylie Rocket, Quinton James


When Courtney calls out sick from her babysitting gig, she asks her friend Sammie to cover for her. But Sammie isn't all too excited about work. What she really wants is Mr. James. Dressed like a whore she shows up re...

SweetSinner – Toxic Scene 4 – Aila Donovan, Quinton James


Hope reveals to Alec that she had sex with another man. Enraged imagining another man inside her, the two fall into their own patterns. He throws her against the wall and gives her a reason to never want another man's...

SweetSinner – Toxic Scene 3 – Aila Donovan, Ryan Mclane


When Hope returns to Tom and Leila's seeking comfort for her own broken relationship, she discovers Leila isn't home. Tom invites her inside and while comforting her with words, he eventually comforts her with his thr...

SweetSinner – Toxic Scene 2 – Crystal Taylor, Quinton James


After Alec tells Hope he wants an open relationship, he invites a stripper friend over from a club to try and lure Hope into a threesome. However, Hope's jealousy takes hold and she heads out, leaving Alec and Crystal...

SweetSinner – First Time For Everything. – Aiden Ashley, Jane Wilde, Quinton James


Aiden has always been conventional sexually but one night she throws caution to the wind and makes a move on college girl, Jane inviting her husband Quinton to indulge in a threesome. Turned on to see his wife making ...

SweetSinner – Office Romance – Adira Allure, Jason Moody


Adira needs excitement in her life and when her boss opens the door by admitting his attraction to her - she pounces and the two indulge in a heated sexual encounter right on her work desk.

SweetSinner – Reminisce – London River, Ryan Mclane


After a lull in their marriage, Ryan and London reflect on a threesome from the night before and find themselves insane excited and aroused by their new adventurous sex lives. Her big tits pound as his cock pounds her...

SweetSinner – One Last Time – Jane Wilde, Quinton James


All good things must come to an end like Jane's affair with her professor - but not without indulging one more time. The two enjoy a heated last time with both of them exploding into satisfying orgasms.

SweetSinner – Family’s Dirty Secrets Scene 2 – Kenzie Madison, Nathan Bronson


Kenzie Taylor is in her room taking down pics of her ex when her new stepbrother Nathan Bronson enters. She is enraged when she sees him and throws a pillow at him. She can’t believe that Nathan beat up her ex Tyler. ...

SweetSinner – P.I Affairs – Vanessa Sky, Derrick Pierce


Tensions have been building between two Private Investigators until they can no longer control their growing attraction to one another. Determined to prove to Derrick that older men cannot resist younger ones, Vanessa...

SweetSinner – The Intern – Lilly Bell, Ryan Mclane


After helping his wife's intern with some modeling shots, Ryan finds himself unable to resist this young, sexy woman in a string bikini. As the tension escalates, he quickly shoves her against the wall and rams his to...

SweetSinner – Consequences – Lexi Luna, Ryan Mclane


Having been a bad wife, Lexi asks Ryan to punish her for not asking for permission to allow a younger woman to stay with them. Unable to resist - the two fuck each other's brains out - neither realizing that this youn...

SweetSinner – The Unfaithful Professor – Lilly Bell, Seth Gamble


A university professor, Seth really wants to be a faithful husband, but in the company of a sexy younger woman - he simply cannot resist. Before long, he is throwing this tight young pussy over his desk and plunging h...

SweetSinner – The Insatiable Duo – Natasha Nice, Alex Mack


Natasha is excited that her husband has set up a camera to record her sexual act for them to explore and enjoy later. When the handsome stranger her husband set her up with arrives, Natasha pounces and the two indulge...

SweetSinner – The Friend with Benefits – Aiden Ashley, Derrick Pierce


Derrick is close friends with Aiden and her husband, Mike - making Aiden a little nervous when Mike gives her the go-ahead to fuck Derrick. Aiden is concerned that things might get awkward between her husband and Derr...

SweetSinner – The Art of the Pick Up – Rachael Cavalli, Quinton James


Rachael's bartender, Quinton is exactly what she's looking for in a sexual encounter. So, after slipping him the address of the hotel she's staying at, he's turned on and aroused because when he sees her wedding band ...

SweetSinner – First Timers – Crystal Taylor, Tommy Gunn


Crystal has never hot wifed before but her supportive Shawn has found her the perfect man to pop their hotwifing cherry - an older man, Tommy. Shawn knows Crystal gets off on older, more seasoned men and Tommy is exac...

SweetSinner – Unexpected – Aila Donovan, Ryan Mclane


Ryan is convinced he is talking to a catfish but when Aila shows up at his hotel room the two indulge in a very heated sexual encounter.

SweetSinner – Sex with the Ex – Gianna Dior, Lucas Frost


Gianna's ex boyfriend is frustrated about having been stood up by his online date so Gianna takes off all of her clothes and convinces him that sex with the ex can be the ultimate cure. From Movie: Catfished 3.

SweetSinner – Stood up – Lilly Bell, Nathan Bronson


After getting stood up by a beautiful girl online, Nathan is feeling pretty bad about himself - that is until Lilly, a sexy bartender gives him a nice little pick-me-up by inviting him back to her apartment and showin...

SweetSinner – Canadian Heartthrob – Vanessa Sky, Codey Steele


Vanessa thinks she's met a Canadian heartthrob when she connects with Codey at his massage parlour. She is quickly enticed into a massage and soon finds herself sexually drawn to him. After Codey gives her a gentleman...

SweetSinner – The Voyeur Vol. 4 Scene 2 – Kenzie Reeves, Nathan Bronson


After taunting her ex, Nathan with slutty pictures, Kenzie is in for a big surprise when he confronts her in her hotel room. With emotions charged, the two indulge in a fuckfest that leaves them both sweaty and satisf...

SweetSinner – The Voyeur Vol. 4 Scene 1 – Paige Owens, Ryan Mclane


Uptight businessman, Ryan invites a strange woman over to his house to engaged in sex. All of his pent up sexual frustration reaches a breaking point as he makes the woman erotically dance for him before plunging his ...

SweetSinner – My Favorite Teacher Scene 4 – Mona Wales, Van Wylde


Angela and Oliver have plans to run off to Europe and see the world. So, Angela meets up with him at a hotel room before their flight halfway across the world. She grabs him, throws him on the bed - ensuring that thei...

SweetSinner – Naughty Intentions – Paige Owens, Tyler Nixon


Paige and Tyler had a crush on each other before their parents got married, so when they ended up becoming stepbrother and stepsister, everything became complicated. Unable to release their sexual tension the two spie...