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ExxxtraSmall – A Gift From My Neighbor – GeishaKyd, Thomas Stone


Like a kind neighbor, Thomas Stone buys GeishaKyd a massive dildo from the sex store. But her time to use it is limited, so Thomas suggests she use it in the car while they drive home. However, the fun doesn’t end the...

ExxxtraSmall – Candyman’s Killer Cock – XxLayna Marie, Jonathan Jordan


XxLayna Maria knows of an old urban legend that tells the story of a hook-handed killer known as “The Candyman.” Feeling brave, she decides to see if the legend is true and summons The Candyman (Jonathan Jordan) throu...

ExxxtraSmall – Petite Fitness Fireball – Jeni Angel, Duncan Saint


Petite fitness babe Jeni Angel has been hired to be a personal trainer for big dude Duncan Saint. When she visits his home, she starts setting up the exercises but she’s having trouble lifting the heavy medicine ball,...

ExxxtraSmall – Fitness Influencer Hookup – Scarlett Hampton, Duncan Saint


Scarlett Hampton has a ton of followers, but to bring her influence to the next level, she teams up with hot stuff fitness guru Duncan Saint. At first, Duncan doesn’t know he’s in on Scarlett’s stunt, but it isn’t har...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Curious Stepdaughter – Aria Banks, Brad Sterling


Tiny blonde cutie Aria Banks is left home alone, but not before her stepdad Brad Sterling warns her not to go looking through his drawers. Aria gets bored pretty quickly so she ends up rummaging through her parents’ d...

ExxxtraSmall – Cupcakes for College – Alicia Reign, Nade Nasty


Alicia Reign is selling cupcakes to bring in some extra money for school. When Nade Nasty sees her selling the treats, he buys them to help her with her studies. Grateful for his kindness, Alicia goes home with Nade t...

ExxxtraSmall – Puppet Pal Panda – Zerella Skies, Quinton James


Zerella Skies and her puppet pal panda are having a wonderful time wandering around the house, getting into all sorts of hijinks. But when she involves Quinton James in the games, he is less than impressed. Later, Zer...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Terror – Lina Flex, Nade Nasty


“Exxxtra” small beauty Lina Flex shows Nade Nasty what it means to be a tiny terror. Nade seems pretty into it and certainly isn’t complaining.

ExxxtraSmall – A Passionate Dance – Maria Wars, Vince Karter


Maria Wars loves Flamenco, but Vince Karter loves watching Maria dance even more. As things heat up, the fiery dance turns into much more.

ExxxtraSmall – Getting My Job Back – Yumi Sin, Quinton James


Looking to get her job back, Yumi Sin visits her boss, Quinton James, at his home. When he asks her why he should hire her back, she uses her body to win him over. Looking back at the scenario, Yumi is mortified but e...

ExxxtraSmall – Major Pain – Lika Star, Jimmy Bud


Tiny blonde Lika Star is going through army boot camp and following orders from sergeant Jimmy Bud, who trains and drills her relentlessly until Lika falls exhausted to her bed. Turns out sergeant Bud has one more exe...

ExxxtraSmall – Honey’s Housemaid Service – Honey Hayes, James Angel


Honey Hayes is new to the house cleaning industry, and her client, James Angel, is excited about the services she provides. But when Honey accidentally breaks James’ Fleshlight, she begs him for forgiveness. James, an...

ExxxtraSmall – Such a Helpful Roommate – Stefany Kyler, Mugur


Petite cutie Stefany Kyler asks her roommate Mugur to help her choose an outfit to go out. Stefany models several outfits but Mugur is not completely happy with any of them. Mugur goes up to Stefany’s bedroom and fina...

ExxxtraSmall – Nookie Of The Year – Haley Spades, Billy Boston


Baseball coach Billy Boston meets with tiny rookie Haley Spades to try and teach her how to play. After a few exercises outside, Billy decides to take the practice inside where he proposes that Haley practice with a d...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Slut, Long Shower – Emily Mayers, Kristof Cale


Petite cutie Emily Mayers is having a sensual shower while Kristof Cale keeps asking her to hurry because he has a date and needs to get ready. Emily says it’s not her problem and keeps enjoying her shower so Kristof ...

ExxxtraSmall – The 69th Element – Martina Smeraldi, Thomas Stone


Tiny babe from the future Martina Smeraldi wakes up in a strange world, in a strange time. While exploring her surroundings she stumbles upon security guy Thomas Stone who immediately tries to question her. Martina is...

ExxxtraSmall – Sweet, Petite Slut – Jazmin Luv, Ryan Mclane


Jazmin Luv is sweet, petite and she can’t wait to get fucked. Jazmin models and shows off her cute attributes before Ryan Mclane steps in and provides his huge cock for her thorough enjoyment!

ExxxtraSmall – Extra Tiny TikThot – Chloe Temple, Mike Mancini


Extra tiny TikThot Chloe Temple gets caught by her stepdad making naked viral videos to post on social media. She's been told not to do this but continues to do so. She eventually convinces her stepdad to make one vid...

ExxxtraSmall – Braced For Penetration – Scarlet Skies, Ryan Mclane


Tiny, pale redhead cutie Scarlet Skies seductively undresses until she’s modeling her gorgeous naked body before huge stud Ryan Mclane offers his big cock for her to ravish with her tiny, braced mouth. Ryan will ride ...

ExxxtraSmall – Little Horny Bandit – Honey Hayes, Nade Nasty


Little neighborhood thief Honey Hayes breaks into Nade Nasty’s house and steals his wallet and credit cards. When she hears the police sirens outside, she finds a few places to hide, being so tiny allows her to even h...

ExxxtraSmall – Punishing a Tiny Intruder – Camila Cortez, Nade Nasty


Tiny intruder Camila Cortez breaks into her neighbor Nade Nasty’s pool thinking that he was out of town but while she’s taking pictures with is phone, he catches her in the act! Nade accuses Camila of breaking in and ...

ExxxtraSmall – Stretchy Lil Dancer – Penelope Kay, Will Pounder


Tiny, cute ballerina Penelope Kay is all dressed up ready for her private ballet lesson with huge teacher Will Pounder. Will helps Penelope with some deep stretches before switching gears and getting more close and pe...

ExxxtraSmall – Short Girl Probs – Dani Blu, James Angel


Petite cutie Dani Blu shares all the struggles of being a short girl like not being able to reach tall places or having her feet always dangling when she sits on chairs. Luckily, huge hunk James Angel is there to help...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Neighbor Finally Gets It – Mackenzie Mace, Nade Nasty


Petite cutie Mackenzie Mace is tanning out by her pool when she notices her married neighbor Nade Nasty peeking over the fence. They exchange pleasantries and pretty soon Nade makes it clear that his wife and kids are...

ExxxtraSmall – Wet and Wild – Maya Woulfe


Maya Woulfe loves to hang out sunbathing by her neighbor’s pool, but she makes her own wet fun… Until her neighbor Donny catches her. Donny gives her a spanking to teach her a lesson, but Maya likes it a little too much.

ExxxtraSmall – Hoe Improvement – Alexa Flexy, Vince Karter


Vince Karter hires petite blonde maintenance girl Alexa Flexy to come and work on some home improvement projects, but pretty soon the fact that she’s so tiny becomes a problem. Vince notices by her super short shorts ...

ExxxtraSmall – The Tiny Burglar – Kate Quinn, Maximo Garcia


Things take a turn when two different thieves decide to break into the same house. Tiny burglar Kate Quinn claims that she was there first, but Maximo Garcia says this is his territory. They both have to hide quickly ...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Jetsetter – Jamie Jett, Michael Swayze


Tiny school girl Jamie Jett is selling candy for the church when it starts to rain hard so she lets herself into the nearest house she finds thinking that nobody is home. With how curious she is, Jamie wastes no time ...

ExxxtraSmall – More Sex – Bigger Boobs – Baby Karma, Mini Stallion, Duncan Saint


Tiny best friends Baby Karma and Mini Stallion decide to have an awesome girls day together, and they go around the house having fun. Suddenly, Mini Stallion asks Baby Karma if she wants to compare boobs and they both...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Blackmailer – Lola Fae, Michael Swayze


Tall dude Michael Swayze is there to visit his latest cougar conquest but instead he finds her daughter, tiny little devil Lola Fae, doing some yoga in her bikini by the pool. Lola threatens to call the police but Mic...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Gamer Girl – Jessae Rosae, Brad Sterling


Petite gamer girl Jessae Rosae is showing her boyfriend Brad Sterling how to play her favorite video game but he has a hard time finding any interest in it. After Jessae plays a couple of rounds, Brad has had enough a...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Prankster Gets What She Deserves – Lana Roy, Maximo Garcia


Tiny cutie Lana Roy shows huge muscle dude Maximo Garcia that today is April’s Fools Day and she immediately thinks of different ways to mess with him. After falling for a few of her pranks, Maximo decides he's had en...

ExxxtraSmall – Playing With My Little Bunny – Coco Lovelock, Michael Swayze


Tiny blonde cutie Coco Lovelock is out in the backyard enjoying a lovely Easter afternoon, when huge boyfriend Michael Swayze arrives with a basket full of eggs, ready to hide them for the egg hunt. Coco is so excited...

ExxxtraSmall – Cute Little Green Leprechaun – Liv Wild, Michael Swayze


Liv Wild is a cute little green leprechaun that leaves a challenge in the form of a riddle for huge hunk Michael Swayze to decipher. Michael searches for the pot of gold until he finds Liv who luckily rewards him in t...

ExxxtraSmall – Better Than The Carnival – Aften Opal, Ryan Mclane


Tiny babe Aften Opal is super excited to go to the fair but her boyfriend Ryan Mclane reminds her that she probably won’t be tall enough for any of the rides. Aften is so upset about that but luckily, Ryan arranges so...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Teaser – Baby Karma, Nade Nasty


Nade Nasty teases tiny blonde Baby Karma for a while until he catches up with her as she’s playing video games. Nade says hello and immediately starts working on pleasuring and getting pleasure from this petite little...

ExxxtraSmall – Cutie Knows The Intruder – Sera Ryder, Brad Sterling


When tiny cutie Sera Ryder is resting in her room she hears a noise outside so she decides to get up and wear her cozy onesie as she investigates. Suddenly a big dude wearing a ski mask surprises her and ties her to a...

ExxxtraSmall – Freaky With The Teddy – Sia Lust, Michael Swayze


It’s Valentine’s Day, so huge hunk Michael Swayze decides to give a giant teddy bear to his petite girlfriend Sia Lust, but after she receives the gift, Michael catches Sia playing naughty with the teddy! When Michael...

ExxxtraSmall – Grown Up Time – Liz Jordan, Michael Swayze


When big dude Michael Swayze catches tiny babe Liz Jordan playing with toys, he says she’s too old to be doing that and she needs to grow up. Michael will now have to teach her a lesson and show Liz some new activitie...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Babe Gets Her Job Back – Allie Addison, Stirling Cooper


After getting fired, petite cutie Allie Addison decides to go to her ex boss Stirling Cooper’s house and demand that he give her job back. When he opens the door, she gets intimidated by him and struggles to say what ...

ExxxtraSmall – My Big Bully – Roxy Risingstar, Vince Karter


As petite busty blonde Roxy Risingstar is walking back home, big dude Vince Karter catches up to her and starts teasing and bullying her for being so small. Roxy is sick of it, but she can’t deny that the guy is hot, ...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny In A Bathtub – Sarah Lace, Preston Parker


Huge dude Preston Parker finds tiny little devil Sarah Lace roaming around the house and playing in a big bathtub. Watch as Preston plays with this petite babe and delivers a big load right in her thirsty face.

ExxxtraSmall – Caught The Biggest Worm! – Leia Rae, Michael Swayze


Petite cutie Leia Rae goes out to her backyard to hunt some bugs and butterflies. While she’s exploring the garden, she finds the biggest worm she’s ever seen! Turns out it was huge dude Michael Swayze hiding in the b...

ExxxtraSmall – The Tiny Gardener – Mona Blue, Maximo Garcia


Cute Mona Blue is a petite gardener who’s working hard on Maximo’s backyard. When Maximo notices her, he offers her to come inside for a refreshing drink, but soon enough, this big dude decides to take this tiny hustl...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Free Spirit – Mackenzie Mace, Duncan Saint


Petite beauty Mackenzie Mace gets interviewed as she reveals that she’s eager to come back into action. Duncan Saint will play around with this tiny free spirit until she’s good and satisfied.

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Talented Fireball – Bailey Base, J Mac


Petite cutie Bailey Base is ready to show her talents with the help of big hunk Jmac. This tiny fireball will be put to the ultimate test as she takes it like a champ from all kinds of crazy angles.

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny, Bubbly, Perky – Harmony Rivers, Rion King


Petite blonde Harmony Rivers enjoys some time outside, dancing, jumping and feeling herself. When Rion King comes over, he takes this tiny fireball for a wild ride.

ExxxtraSmall – Achieving Splits – Alexia Anders, Michael Swayze


Petite gymnast Alexia Anders is training hard, working on her stretches, but she’s having trouble with her splits. Her coach Michael Swayze comes in to assist her and tells her the only way to achieve full splits is b...