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PervDoctor – Successful Insemination – Lily Larimar, Charlie Valentine, Marcus London


Patient Lily Larimar visits Doctor Marcus London for a special check up, but before she sees him she gets prepped by nurse Charlie Valentine. Nurse Charlie informs Lily that her insurance doesn’t cover the check-up bu...

PervDoctor – A Dose of Vitamin D – Ailee Anne, Lilly James, Jay Crew


Ailee Anne seeks medical advice when she feels she has under-developed breasts. Lilly James and Doctor Jay Crew explain an experimental form of Vitamin D injection, which will help with Ailee’s experiences. Willing to...

PervDoctor – An Intimate Study – River Lynn, Ryan Mclane


When River Lynn visits Dr. Ryan Mclane, she answers a few questions for medical assistant Rusty Nails, who determines that she’s there to participate in a special study. After Dr. Mclane inspects her, he begins with t...

PervDoctor – The Newest Patient – Honey Hayes, Tricia Oaks, Calvin Hardy


Honey Hayes is new to the table of Dr. Calvin Hardy, and she’s feeling pretty nervous. But with a bit of reassurance from Lilly James and Tricia Oaks, she’s ready for anything. Honey quickly learns why Calvin is consi...

PervDoctor – Breaking Her In – Jessica Ryan, Kyler Quinn, Marcus London


Kyler Quinn goes in to her appointment with Dr. Marcus London after complaining of having some pain during intercourse. Dr. London examines her cervix and determines that, due to a rare genetic condition, she was regr...

PervDoctor – Sheena’s Bedside Manner – Sheena Ryder, Tristan Summers, Will Pounder


Nurse Sheena Ryder proves she’s got excellent bedside manner as she preps a patient for the doctor. She even goes so far as helping the doctor provide the... treatment for the cock-hungry patient.

PervDoctor – Keep It Confidential – Michelle Anthony, Jay Crew


When Michelle Anthony visits Doctor Jay Crew for her annual check up, she tells him that she’s been experiencing some abdominal pain. As Doctor Crew is inspecting her, he finds a condom inside of her and Michelle begs...

PervDoctor – Enjoying Her Sexual Power – Alexia Anders, Mckenzie Lee, Jack Vegas, Jay Crew


Alexia Anders and stepdad Jack Vegas pay a visit to Dr. Jay Crew who’s being assisted by his nurse Mckenzie Lee. After performing a physical examination, Dr. Crew and Mr. Vegas come up with a way of helping Alexia wit...

PervDoctor – Just What The Doctor Ordered – Mia Taylor, Rob Banks


Lilly Hall brings her daughter Mia Taylor to Dr. Rob Banks’ office after she had been complaining of headaches. As Dr. Banks does his physical examination, he tells Lilly he’s gonna have to do more tests on Mia, but L...

PervDoctor – Nurse’s Special Treatment – Jessica Ryan, Harlow West, Wrex Oliver


Harlow West is at her doctor’s appointment to get a pregnancy test, so nurse Jessica Ryan gets her ready for Dr. Rob Banks. As Dr. Rob Banks is giving her the routine physical exam she asks to keep the results of her ...

PervDoctor – Getting That Drs Note – Madi Laine, Wrex Oliver


When Madi Laine visits Dr. Wrex Oliver, she tells him that she scratched her side with a rusty nail and she needs him to clear her for her volleyball game. After a deep examination, Dr. Oliver determines that she cann...

PervDoctor – Getting My Prescription – Everly Haze, Rob Banks


Everly Haze goes to the doctor complaining about severe back pain, but after a thorough examination Doctor Rob Banks can tell that she’s faking it and she’s only after the drugs. Everly begs that Dr. Banks prescribes ...

PervDoctor – Doctor’s Alternative Payment – Madi Collins, Wrex Oliver


When Madi Collins goes to her doctor Wrex Oliver for her general check up, she discovers that her insurance has expired but she can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket. Luckily, Doctor Oliver suggests an alternative form of...

PervDoctor – The Physical Exam – Maddy May, Jay Crew


When Maddy May went to get her yearly physical exam, she didn’t think Dr. Jay Crew would realize that she had been sexually active, so in order to keep him from telling her parents, she complies to undergo a much more...

PervDoctor – Doctor’s Orders – Olivia Jayy, Wrex Oliver


When Olivia Jayy went to get her yearly physical exam, she didn’t think Dr. Wrex Oliver would realize that she had been sexually active, so in order to keep him from telling her parents, she complies to undergo a much...

PervDoctor – Intimate Examination – Hannah Grace, Wrex Oliver


Hannah Grace goes to visit Dr. Wrex Oliver for a general check up. When he discovers that she’s no longer a virgin, Hannah begs him to keep it a secret from her parents. Dr. Wrex Oliver tells her that the only way he’...