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TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – What Are You Doing? – Bailey Brooke


Bailey Brooke is hanging out by the couch when her new stepdad starts bothering her and asking her questions. Since Bailey is kinda bored, she figures she might as well have some fun with him. She soon learns that a l...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Blonde Has So Much Fun – Lexie Fux, Donnie Cabo


Pretty blonde Lexie Fux is the perfect combination of hot and cute, she has great features and knows very well how to use them to her benefit. She’s versatile with her moves and will blow any guy’s mind away.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Wicked Step Daughter – Carmen Callaway, Donnie Cabo


Petite blonde step daughter Carmen Callaway can’t stop wickedly teasing her step dad Donnie Cabo. There’s only so much a man can resist, so when Donnie gives in to her pleas, Carmen will finally get what she wanted.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Bored in a House – Riley Star, Donnie Cabo


When petite blonde Riley Star gets bored at home, Donnie Cabo suggests a couple of things they could do to keep themselves entertained. Riley is down to have fun right there on the couch.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – She Can Handle Both – Aria Kai, Donnie Cabo, Talon


Aria Kai is a tattooed and pierced beauty who might not be the best with words, but she finds other more creative and exciting ways of using her mouth. Donnie Cabo and Talon can attest to that, as they learn this girl...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Best Kept Secret – Charlotte Cross, Donnie Cabo


Charlotte Cross is such a hot babe that Donnie Cabo can hardly believe she’s all real and natural. When Charlotte confesses how she’s feeling, Donnie has no choice but to do his best to satisfy her cravings.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Fulfilling Your Needs – Ella Cruz, Donnie Cabo


Ella Cruz is gorgeous and everybody knows it, so while she’s relaxing in her cute blue bikini, Donnie Cabo goes to say hi. Donnie offers himself to her, to fulfill all her needs, so she gladly accepts the offering and...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Won’t Tell Mom – Avery Cristy, Donnie Cabo


When Donnie Cabo tries to get his step daughter Avery Cristy to do her chores, she refuses while suggesting they do something else instead. After promising she won’t tell her mom about it, Donnie agrees to let Avery h...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Straight Answer – Piper Cox


When Donnie Cabo asks Piper Cox what she’s looking for in a man, her straight answer tells him that he’s the perfect guy to fulfill her requirements.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – House Tour – Chanel Grey


When Chanel Grey shows up at my doorstep curious about what my house looks like on the inside, I can’t deny her a tour. Turns out the new girl in the neighborhood has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Natural Pro – Amber Summers


Amber Summers’ delicious complexion is put to the test for the first time. Soon you’ll realize she’s a natural pro!

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Scarlett – Sky Pierce


Everyone says my stepdaughter, Sky Pierce, looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson. I couldn’t agree more, so when she wears that see-through shirt and stares at me with those lusty eyes, I just want to spend some quality...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Inside – Audrey Hempburne


Even though my friends are coming over any minute, my little stepsister, Audrey Hempburne, won’t leave me alone. Looks like the only way I’m going to get this horny girl out of my hair is by cumming inside her tight t...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Finally Alone – Chanel Shortcake


When Chanel Shortcake shows up at my door with a big smile on her face, I feel like I’m dreaming. I’ve always had a thing for her, but I could never make a move since she’s my daughter’s best friend. But today, she sh...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Platinum – Skye Blue, Donnie Cabo


With her short, platinum blonde hair and her wintery blue eyes, Skye Blue is an absolute stunner. Those big natural titties are certainly an asset as well. Today, Skye’s auditioning to fuck on film, and she definitely...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Photoshoot – Jewelz Blu, Donnie Cabo


When Jewelz Blu shows up ready for a photoshoot, I’m at a loss for words. My buddy was supposed to take some photos of her, but he’s not around, so I take the opportunity to snap some shots of the breathtaking babe. H...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Freckles – Dixie Lynn, Donnie Cabo


My stepsister is so fucking cute. She’s blonde, has bright blue eyes, and has the cutest freckles I’ve ever seen. And while she’s hanging out by the pool in a bikini, I tell her just how I feel about her. We head insi...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Showtime – Carolina Sweets, Donnie Cabo


After I take a quick rest, I wake up to find my gorgeous stepdaughter, Carolina Sweets, showing off her body at the foot of my bed. I can barely believe my eyes, and when she wants to give me a little show, I’m not su...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Rain – Violet Myers, Donnie Cabo


I can be a little bit of a romantic sometimes, so when it starts to drizzle outside, I ask my thicc stepdaughter, Violet Myers, to take a rain walk with me. Of course, she’s more practical than I am, so she decides to...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Naturals – Skylar Vox, Donnie Cabo


Some girls don’t even need to speak to have you wrapped around their finger, and Skylar Vox is one of those girls. With her long blonde hair and her absolutely perfect natural tits, she’s a stunner. There’s nothing sh...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Choked Up – Nella Jones, Talon


Petite and slender Nella Jones doesn’t mince words, especially when she’s in a sexual mood. She casts those smoky eyes my way, and it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, I’m ready to get it in. Today, she seduc...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Wet – Mackenzie Mace, Filthy Rich


I’ve known Mackenzie Mace for a long time since I’m such good friends with her dad, and I can’t help but notice how sexy she’s gotten lately. So, when he leaves me alone with his smoky-eyed daughter, I keep imagining ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Pigtails – Mabel May, Donnie Cabo


My pigtailed stepdaughter, Mabel May, has some wild habits, but when I catch her bouncing around in her underwear on my bed, she’s taken it to a whole new level. The little blonde has been trying to seduce me for week...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Group Love – Indica Flower, Tyler, Donnie Cabo


Spirituality and oneness are the name of the game when it comes to hippie babe Indica Flower, but sometimes two is better than one. Today, the earthy hottie gives our stud the birthday surprise of his life, letting hi...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Right To It – Alex Coal, Talon


Light-eyed cutie Alex Coal is super energetic and full of spunk, and today, she’s excited to get into some hot action on the couch. She shows our stud her pussy, and it’s already soaking wet, so he dips down and licks...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Before You Leave – Aften Opal, Donnie Cabo


Pretty brunette Aften Opal is full of surprises, and she loves doing the unexpected with her stepdad. So, while he gets ready to leave the house, she sneaks up behind him and jerks his cock until he’s rock hard. The l...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Sharing – Neveah Snow, River Fox, Donnie Cabo


Orange-haired Neveah Snow reveals that she recently fucked her stepdad to her blonde bestie River Fox, and the innocent girl is shocked. To show River that it’s more normal than she thinks, Neveah invites her to have ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Seducing Her Bestie’s Stepdad – Scarlett Bloom, Donnie Cabo


Scarlett Bloom has always had a thing for her best friend’s stepdad, and today she is finally doing something about it. She seduces the pervy guy with her pouty lips and pretty eyes, and pretty soon he’s hard as a roc...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Auditioning A Sexy Stepdaughter – Naomi Nash, Donnie Cabo


Bleach blonde sweetie Naomi Nash loves kinky fauxcest play, and today she is trying out for a sexy stepdaughter roll. She wants to show that she can suck and fuck her stepdad’s cock like a good girl. So, she pulls up ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – My Flirty Stepdaughter Rode My Dick! – Madelyn Monroe, Donnie Cabo


Curvy babe Madelyn Monroe loves teasing her pervy stepdad. Today, she gallivants around the house in a skimpy leotard, waiting for him to notice just how sexy she can be. But the annoyed old man thinks her behavior is...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Pumping In My Stepsister’s Pussy – Kendra Cole, Donnie Cabo


Inked-up Kendra Cole just wants a minute alone to relax and lounge around in the nude, but her annoying stepbrother won’t give her any space! But as it turns out, Kendra is horny for her stepbrother’s meaty dick, and ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Blue Eye Stepdaughter Creampie – Kate Bloom, Donnie Cabo


Baby faced blonde Kate Bloom is staggeringly gorgeous, and she uses every bit of her charm to make her nasty fantasies come true. Today, she teases her stepdad, reaching her hand into her velvet panties and touching h...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Stepdaughter Loves My Cum – Kasey Miller, Donnie Cabo


When crystal eyed cutie Kasey Miller sees that her stepdad is walking around the house naked, she is totally shocked. But before long, that shock turns into an insatiable curiosity that can only be cured with some coc...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Orange Haired Orgasms – Neveah Snow aka Karly Baker, Donnie Cabo


Pale and pretty Neveah Snow has always been a bit of a rebel, with her bright orange hair and cute pixie looks. Today, she rocks some sexy lingerie, and it is just too risque for her stepdads tastes. He asks her to ch...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Asian Stepdaughter Cumfort – Vina Sky, Donnie Cabo


Pouting Asian princess Vina Sky is all in a tizzy about her friends being assholes and jerks, but her stepdad is just not in the mood to listen to her complain. Vina needs some comfort, so she gets him to stick around...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Self Pleasuring Stepdaughter Slit – Megan Hughes, Donnie Cabo


Blue eyed princess Megan Hughes is a straight to the point kind of stepdaughter. This girl barely even tries to hide it as she masturbates at home! So, when her unsuspecting old man walks in on her, Megan cops to her ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Bald Pussy Stepdaughter Slam – Kenzie Reeves, Donnie Cabo


Steamy blonde Kenzie Reeves has an appetite for sex, and she will do anything to get it. Alone in her room, she takes a few nasty selfies. Little does she know, her stepdad is about to walk in on her in the middle of ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Stepdaughter Raver Babes Love Sex – Kiara Cole, Donnie Cabo


If you do not know Kiara Cole by now, you need to check her out ASAP! Today, she asks her pervy stepdad to give her a ride to a big rave, but the impatient guy gets pissed when she makes him wait around! The only way ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Stepdaughter Tennis Twat – Hannah Hays, Donnie Cabo


Iconic petite princess Hannah Hays usually rocks her hair blonde, but she looks adorable as a brunette too! Today, she is supposed to be going to tennis class, but all she wants to do is lounge around in her sexy unde...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Sneaky Stepsister Pussy Smashing – Mackenzie Moss, Donnie Cabo


Innocent babe Mackenzie Moss is just relaxing on the couch when her horny stepbrother comes around trying to get inside her delicious pussy. To sneak a peek at his stepsisters perky tits, he threatens to tell their mo...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – She Blows Like A Pro – Scarlett Mae, Donnie Cabo


Gorgeous Scarlett Mae is a pro when it comes to seduction. She knows just how amazing her body is, so she shows off every corner of it in her tight white leotard. She lets her luscious tits hang out and then reveals h...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Shiny Stiletto Fuck Sesh – Lacy Lennon, Donnie Cabo


Redhead Lacy Lennon is looking extra hot in her shiny stilettos, but the alluring outfit has her stepdad suspicious of her motives! Turns out, she is not trying to get out of babysitting at all. In fact, she wants to ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Raunchy RainBlow – Mi Ha Doan, Donnie Cabo


Dark haired dame Mi Ha Doan loves getting all made up for a hot porn shoot, and today is no exception. She shows up with sparkling, purple lipstick on and it makes our studs cock stand up right away. She wants to plea...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Sexual Stepdaughter Superstar – Kiara Cole, Donnie Cabo


Blonde hair, blue eyes, nobody is hotter than the impeccable Kiara Cole. Unfortunately, sometimes being so beautiful gets to a girls head. Today, Kiara refuses to give her stepdad his sunglasses back. To make the inso...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Slamming A Sexual Sprite – Lilly Lit, Donnie Cabo


Teeny tiny Lilly Lit is one of those spiritually enlightened chicks who cannot get enough of the outdoors. She likes to consider herself a sexual sprite of sorts. So, when she and her favorite big guy go out walking, ...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Asian Sex Goddess – Jade Kush, Donnie Cabo


Petite Asian princess Jade Kush has it all. So, when she flashes those sensual eyes, she gets whatever she wants. Today, she busts her pink Asian pussy open for a thick prick. She loves the way a veiny dick feels in h...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Learning To Deepthroat – Joseline Kelly, Donnie Cabo


Dark haired hottie Joseline Kelly is a model girlfriend. Her curvy physique and her desire to please makes her the complete package. But when her boyfriend gives her an ultimatum based on her cocksucking abilities, sh...

TeamSkeetXSpankMonster – Head Bobbing Blowjob Babe – Hannah Hays, Donnie Cabo


Green eyed petite beauty Hannah Hays is one of the hottest girls in porn right now, and today we have the privilege of watching her suck and fuck on film for us. She makes intense eye contact with those pristine peepe...