Gorgeous big titted babe Alexis Adams wants to go to this party really bad but her stepdad has said no…so she decided to sneak her boyfriend over to the house! They were up in the bedroom but the stepdad heard the ruckus and came to investigate and man, Alexis Adams was in some hot water. She knew just how to defuse things, though, and soon had her own stepdad’s hard cock in her mouth before fucking his brains out in this Spy Fam update! She loves sucking dick and loves getting fucked and this guy had been lusting over those big boobs of hers ever since he had moved into the house…and now she gets to go to the party after taking a load of the dude’s cum on her face!


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Published: November 6, 2018

Duration: 0:33:20
Views: 1.21K

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