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BackroomCastingCouch – Eva


When a beautiful, feminine and smiley girl who REALLY shouldn't be doing porn walks into my office, I have ethical choices to consider. The right thing to do is tell her to turn around, run and don't look back. The pr...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Jayme – Jayme Rae, J. Jay


Hello ExCoGi Fans here is the first bonus update that I hope you like with 18 yr old exploitee Jayme. Now redheaded firecracker Jayme was nervous for her first ever sex on camera and confessed, "Yea, I can't wait to j...

GirlsDoPorn – Deleted Scene 20 Years Old


GirlsDoPorn – Deleted Scene 19 Years Old Busty Blonde Teen


This blonde amateur honey is here to make her very first adult video...right off the bat she looks incredible laying there in her ripped-up jeans with those perky tits barely held in check by her tight tank top. She's...

GirlsDoPorn – Deleted Scene 23 Years Old Chemistry and Biology Double Major


This slender dark haired amateur is smokin hot and she ended up on the cutting room floor but I dug it up for you and will give you guys a little glimpse at what you're missing out on. The BTS (behind the scenes) and ...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Ellie – Hazel Moore


The day before the shoot with Ellie began just like any other beautiful late April day. The sun was out, the birds were singing, there was a brisk cool bite to the air. I had lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant an...

GirlsDoPorn – E527 23 Years Old Gorgeous Blonde In White


This beautiful blonde has an amazing smile and is a little nervous but man, she looks incredible in her tight white dress. She's 23 years young and works as a server in a restaurant while she goes to nursing school bu...

BackRoomCastingCouch – Rachel


19yo Rachel is all about anal and letting losers look stuff up while she's carpin' all them diems.

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Amina Fara


Amina may only be 18, but strait from the moment we got her naked and trying on outfits she beamed with confidence and enthusiasm. Sure Amina was a cheerleader in high school and can wrap her legs around her head. Don...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Valarie Anal


Here is Valarie's anal scene. Enjoy.

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Regina – Vera Bliss, Mitt Aziani


What can be said about Regina. First off... I just have to say this girl's mother should be shot for naming her daughter REGINA. If you want to get back at your parents for giving you an old ladies name, showing up at...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Maddi Megan Threeway – Megan Marx


So this 3way almost didn't happen people! But thankfully you have Maddi's dad to thank that it did. How can this be Steve, you ask? Well sit back, relax and let me tell you the story... So we all thought Maddi went MI...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Nikki Gabbie Threeway – Gabbie Carter, Nikki Venom, J. Jay


So here at ExCoGi we are all about firsts and real, non scripted, sex scenes... and this weeks video is Nikki's first time having sex with a girl and 3some, along with Gabbies' very first sex scene on camera. Booya! S...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Jaylee


Sometime you can just look at a girl and know she's a total slut, and after getting a good look at her tats and skimpy outfit, we knew Jaylee was going to be a good time. This girl really likes being naked and doesn't...

GirlsDoPorn – E526 18 Years Old Redhead Teen In Braces


This super cute redhead teen in braces is mighty nervous about making her very first adult video here and you can tell right off the bat, but like many of the amateur hotties who make it onto the site, as soon as she ...

BackroomCastingCouch – Tapanga – Lola Leda


20 year old Tapanga enjoys her job at the gas station, but not the hours. Likes girls, but not scissoring. Doesn't use birth control because she believes she's infertile. Hopes to try public humiliation, DP and tentac...

GirlsDoPorn – E525 20 Years Old Cute Shy Waitress


It's her very first adult video and this girl is excited to get things started...she's a very sexual person and loves to explore and experiment so this is a fun chance to dip her toes in the deep end so to speak! She ...

MonstersOfCock – Wet Valentina Gets Black Anal Sex – Valentina Nappi, Pressure


Valentina Nappi is about to start her workout session before she catches Pressure working out his arms. Valentina instantly hid behind a wall to spy on him as she got horny. She was in shocked with his great body and ...

BigTitsRoundAsses – Michele James And Her Amazing Big Tits – Michele James, Derrick Ferrari


Michele James flawless big tits are simple amazing. She’s back to shoot with us and we have her showing off her great body with her nice ass and juicy tits. Things get awkward with the production assistant and he had ...

MonstersOfCock – Chloe Cherry Fucks Hard For A Grade – Chloe Cherry, Pressure


Not so innocent Chole Cherry is not happy with her bad grade on the test and wants to meet her teacher Mr. Pressure. She said she’s going to do whatever it takes to get a better grade. She ask Pressure what can she do...

AssParade – Krissy Lynn Takes On 18 Inches – Krissy Lynn, Vlad


Krissy Lynn gets the biggest surprised of her life today. She came by to show us her great fucking skills as “ we waiting for the male talent”. He stood still in a white body suit and what she though was a statue was ...

BangBros18 – Anastasia Fucks her Bodyguard – Anastasia Knight, Derrick Ferrari


Anastasia has a lot of money and wants everybody to know it, she is only nineteen and already has a million dollars contract with Bangbros. She enjoys live streaming on social media to brag about her money and loves s...

BackroomCastingCouch – Mila


Do you ever wonder what kind of kinky sexual secrets someone is hiding? Your guess about a person may be spot on. That girl you just met at the mortgage broker's office could be wearing a butt plug, or maybe she sucke...

BackroomCastingCouch – Gia


Gia is a 21yo racial mix, so almost black and almost white... and she almost looks like Scary Spice (I just had to go with the obvious Spice girl reference). Overall, she's a wonderful girl, it's a great scene and del...

BackroomCastingCouch – Summer aka Allie Addison


Tiny, 19yo giggly Summer currently works as a Sous-chef (line cook) and wants to transition into the adult industry so that she can "cum for money" instead of, you know, chop vegetables for money. I can't think of a b...

BackroomCastingCouch – Kim


20yo Latina Kim was thrown right into the fire. Rick: I'm going to have you start by licking his ass. Kim: What.. What??!! Are you serious?! Are you fuckin' serious?... ok, whatever..God... I don't wanna do that. I ...

BackroomCastingCouch – Jazmine


When Backroom is put on Netflix, this is how Jazmine's episode will be described: Rick interviews a scared 18yo girl and sets in motion a series of surprises.

GirlsDoPorn – E521 18 Years Old Hot Redhead Teen – Naomi Rose Wood


Man, I love seeing a super hot redhead babe making her very first adult video...and this girl is a fresh faced 18 years young! She works as a waitress and definitely knows how to earn those tips, especially in a tight...

GirlsDoPorn – E520 20 Years Old Cute Bubbly Law Student


This bubbly little teen is here to make her very first adult video and she's definitely excited about it! Just look at that smile as she introduces herself in a cute little denim skirt and tight pink top while loungin...

GirlsDoPorn – E519 22 Years Old Hot Redhead Surfer Girl


This stunning redhead is 22 years old and is drop dead gorgeous...she's going to school for interior design but figured she might as well put that slender sexy body to work so she can travel around and visit friends! ...

BackroomCastingCouch – Annabelle


If you've never been catfished, consider yourself lucky. The pics I received from Annabelle were far better than what show showed up. Kinda like the pic of a Big Mac in a McDonald's commercial compared to what you get...

CzechCasting – 8543 Drahomira


Miss Drahomira is a monsoon. She might be the size of a baby doll, but you will definitely not miss her. You won't have time to say a word and she'll already be holding your dick and then you will just do what she say...

BlackAmbush – Jade


Jade was eager, definitely something we like but she did not know it was black cock she was getting today. We had our "repair guy" show up and the only thing he was repairing was her pussy with his big black cock. Tha...

NetGirl – Adira Just Had To Have A Turn Gianna and Adira – Gianna Gem


We saw this tall leggy goddess Gianna not long ago getting fucked as she tried out for a job as a calendar girl, and they liked her so much they invited her back to join forces here with sexy Adira to see if she's got...

NetVideoGirls – Gianna Gem


This girl Gianna is absolutely beautiful, the ideal candidate for being a model in a calendar app...even if that calendar app doesn't actually exist! Don't let Gianna know that, though; she's too busy slipping out of ...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Gabbie Carter


... So I thought long and hard on what to write about for Gabbie, this week's exploit, and after 2 days of pondering what to say... here it is: Blah Blah Blah. Blah. Blah, Blah Blah Blah! Blah. Blah Blah Blah.!!! Do a...

BangBus – Fucked on the Way to My BF’s – Paige Owens, Oliver Flynn


This time I challenged my friend Oliver to show his skills picking up girls, I seated him on the front seat, he saw a pretty hot girl at the bus stop, she was waiting for the bus to go to her boyfriend's house, it was...

BackroomCastingCouch – Elsa aka Kimberly Vader


Cute, young and blonde, Elsa wants to enter the world of porn for the exciting lifestyle and to fuck cute boys, that and making more than she does now as a waitress. She's a bit of a late bloomer having lost her virgi...

BackroomCastingCouch – Layla


Super hot 19 year old redhead Layla is getting a cum ambush today. Is that a thing? Well, today it is - I had a feeling Vince is going to manage squeezing out 2 loads of jizz with this super hottie, and I was right. I...

GirlsDoPorn – E518 21 Years Old Latina In Braces


This braces-clad amateur is a little shy and pretty nervous but she's definitely more excited than nervous which is nice...she's a 21 year old server at a restaurant and also is going to school to become an aesthetici...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Raya – Raya Moon, Mitt Aziani


I will start you off this week with a little sex humor... What do fat chicks and mopeds have in common? Their both fun to ride until your friends see you on one LOL! Now I'm sure Cam doesn't mind being seen riding and...

BackroomCastingCouch – Hollie


Hollie is a 19 year old high school drop out who came to me looking for money and fame. I assured her I would get her adult video work if she followed my directions. During the scene, she experienced anal for the firs...

GirlsDoPorn – E517 20 Years Old Beautiful Big Tits Server


Buckle up fellas because we've got another absolutely gorgeous newcomer who's ready to make her very first adult video here today! This girl is an utter smokeshow; she looks like a fashion model and has a dream body, ...

BackroomCastingCouch – Theodora


The requests for bigger girls were heard! 22 year old Theodora is a thick Asian biochemistry student with 38E tits and a need for money. Thinking that two sex partners who had no complaints qualified her for porn, she...