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FakeTaxi – Cute Blonde Lost Her Purse – Elena Vedem


I saw leggy blonde Elena Vedem standing on the side of the road, so I pulled up and asked if she wanted a taxi. Elena hopped into the car and we started to drive, but soon she told me she could not find her money, a t...

FakeTaxi – You Made a Mess so Suck My Dick – Yiming Curiosity


This lovely Chinese woman got into the taxi today named Yiming Curiosity. Yiming was visiting London from China, and asked me to take her to Buckingham Palace to do some sight seeing. I caught her eating in the backse...

FakeDrivingSchool – Ebony Learner Gets Stuck In The Seat – Asia Rae, Sam Bourne


When Asia Rae goes for a lesson with Sam Bourne in the Mean Orange Machine, they get off to a rocky start. Sam quickly asks Asia to pull over, and asks to check her probationary permit. Climbing to the backseat to fin...

FakeTaxi – I Know You, Now Fuck Me – Mia Trejsi


This beautiful, skinny brunette got into my Taxi today. Her name was Mia Trejsi, and she was wearing this tight pink dress. I was embarrassed to find out that Mia knew who I was. She recognized me from stories her gir...

FemaleFakeTaxi – My Taxi My Rules – Zuzu Sweet, Tommy Woods


I picked up this hunk with brown hair Tommy Woods today. It was cold, so he jumped into the taxi without looking at the price, and I had to inform him a ride in the Female Fake Taxi wasn't cheap. Tommy didn't have eno...

FakeTaxi – Cheeky Sexy Passenger Gets Fucked – Lady Bug


It was raining pretty hard when Lady Bug, "buggy" got into the Fake Taxi. She didn't have an umbrella and was looking for shelter, so she asked me to drive her to the city center. My window was busted, and she was rig...

FakeTaxi – French Babe Has Pussy Creampied – Megane Lopez


This lovely, skinny French babe named Megane Lopez got into the Fake Taxi this afternoon. Megane was visiting London for the first time, and had no real plan, just to do tourist things. It was very hot in the car, and...

FakeTaxi – The Tattooed Turn On Temptress – Esluna


This lovely inked beauty got into the taxi today. Esluna was headed to the tattoo shop to get another piece done. She had many tattoos, so I asked her which one was her favorite. To my surprise it was a stomach piece,...

FakeTaxi – Air Stewardess Fucks Big Cock – Mina Moreno


This stewardess got into the taxi today, wearing the uniform with the blouse, the rollie-bag, all of it! Her name was Mina Moreno, and she was a little shy when it came to my jokes. She had a boyfriend, and I told her...

FakeDrivingSchool – Instructor Cheats with Hot Student – Lady Gang, Max Dior


My colleague asked me if I could replace him today for Lady Gang's final lesson in the Mean Orange Machine. The lesson started innocently enough, but Lady kept mentioning how nervous she was, and this reflected in her...

FakeTaxi – Big Tits, Big Ass and Big Dave – Sabien DeMonia


I was taking a cheeky break when this thick hottie Sabien Demonia got into the Fake Taxi. Sabien lived by the old church, but with her tattoos, she didn't look like an angel. The AC didn't work and it got hot in the t...

FakeTaxi – Cute Teen in White Bra and Panties – Chloe Bailey


I picked up this teen brunette named Chloe Bailey who was on vacation and headed to the city center. We started talking, and I found out she was a wild: she had lost her virginity to her step-brother! I asked how much...

FakeTaxi – I Accept Blowjobs Instead of Cash – Kiara Lord


This gorgeous redhead got into the Fake Taxi today wearing a bright yellow summer dress. She was on her way to go shopping, and told me her name was Kiara Lord, and she was from Hungary. She told me she was boiling in...

FakeTaxi – Ride Me All The Way To Amsterdam – Barbie Esm


I saw a very nice looking hitchhiker on the side of the road. Barbie Esm was holding a sign for Amsterdam, and asked if I could drive her there. I informed her this would be an expensive ride, but Barbie had other pla...

FakeTaxi – Hot Russian Tries English Sausage – Lucy Heart


This hot blonde Russian got into the taxi today, and boy-howdy, she looked like a masterpiece! I say masterpiece because she was headed to the national museum, a fair activity for a dreary day here in London. I hit on...

FemaleFakeTaxi – Time To Party in Billie’s Taxi – Billie Star, Marvin Straight


I picked up Jack Roberts, an English-speaking man from Holland. Jack complained he had been in Prague for two days, but found no parties, and he was getting bored. The AC was broken in the car, and he found it hot. I ...

FakeTaxi – Skinny Babe Fucked Doggystyle – Tabitha Poison


I picked up skinny tattooed girl Tabitha Poison. The car was making sounds, and she kept giving me attitude because of it. I was getting very mad, especially when she started banging her feet immaturely. I threatened ...

FakeDrivingSchool – Rough Sex for Sexy New Instructor – Elisa Tiger, Jack 23


I had an Italian man as a student today. His name was Jack, and boy, did he suck at driving! After a few false starts we got the car going, but he kept swerving, crossing his hands, and more. It really started to piss...

FemaleFakeTaxi – Give Me An Orgasm For A Discount – Shalina Devine, Majk


I picked up Jack Roberts, an English-speaking man from Holland. Jack complained he had been in Prague for two days, but found no parties, and he was getting bored. The AC was broken in the car, and he found it hot. I ...

FakeTaxi – Shaven Hungarian Pussy Loves Cock – Nikki Fox


I picked up petite Hungarian brunette Nikki Fox, and let me tell you, she was fine as hell! I introduced myself as Big D, and was hoping I'd get to show her why I got that nickname. Nikki was too hot in the taxi, and ...

SexInTaxi – Comfortable Ride With Sexy Blonde – Barbie Sins, Steve Q


This sexy blonde milf and horny London taxi driver made a small deal - lap dance for a free ride. Instead of a lap dance, she immediately had his big dick in her mouth.

SexInTaxi – She Invited Him To Her Back Seat – Vanessa Decker, Steve Q


This is the first time when this amazing sexy milf invited a taxi driver to the back seat and let him lick her juicy pussy

FakeTaxi – Tattoo Babe Likes It Rough – Megan Inky


I was driving the Fake Taxi and minding my own business saw tattooed babe Megan Inky running down the street... with her tits out! I picked her up, and Megan told me that she fucking her lover when his girlfriend caug...

FakeDrivingSchool – Buy Me a Coffee and Fuck Me – Emylia Argan, Peter Stallion


I was to examine Mr. Peter in the Mean Orange Machine today, and he could not have started in poorer fashion. Can you believe he didn't even fasten his seatbelt? Mr. Peter missed his turn signals, slammed the door - h...

FakeTaxi – After Prison Visit Sex for Brunette – Lenna Ross


Lenna Ross got into my taxi seeming dismayed by life. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she had just finished visiting her boyfriend/baby daddy in prison. As a single mother, she was struggling, and I figure...

FakeTaxi – She’s Wet and Just Gets Wetter – Keira Flow


It was a rainy day when I saw Keira Flow flagging down the camera from the side of the street. She got into the car and asked me to drive her to Znojmo, a city three hours away! Keira's train had been cancelled, and s...

FakeTaxi – Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen – Zaawaadi


I picked up an Ebony African queen named Zaawaadi today. She was here for a month, and was only on her second day. She wanted to do some sight seeing, learn the area, and I asked her how much money she had. Zaawaadi w...

SexInTaxi – A Robbed Blonde Needs A Hug And Something More – Liz Rainbow, Steve Q


This beautiful blonde has just been robbed. After being hugged by the driver, she was very horny, so she fucked him pretty hard.

FemaleFakeTaxi – Thank You For Your Brave Service – Billie Star


A young doctor got into my taxi today. He told me he was headed to the hospital, and it was urgent. I had to thank him for his service, and tell him how much I admire brave men fighting illness on the front lines. I w...

FakeDrivingSchool – Lick My Pussy To Calm Me Down – Emylia Argan, Jason X


MILF instructor Emylia Argan is having a bad day. Her student Jason X is late, and she's frustrated. Jason tells her he has learned on a simulator, but those skills do not translate the road! The drive is a bumpy one:...

FakeTaxi – Peeping Cabbie Fucks Skinny Redhead – Ariela Donovan


A skinny redhead named Ariela Donovan got into the Taxi today, and asked me to take her out of Prague. It was an expensive ride, and the car's air conditioning had just broken, but off we went all the same. I kept loo...

SexInTaxi – Sexy Blonde Widow Got It Hard In The Taxi – Brittany Bardot, Thomas


This beautiful milf would like to buy land in the Czech Republic. The taxi driver with the big hard cock didn't hesitate and screwed it into her wet cunt

FakeTaxi – Big Tits Blonde Likes to Swallow – Florane Russell


A big tits blonde named Florane Russel got into the Fake Taxi today and asked me to drive her to the nearest hospital. Something was wrong with her eyes, they were all red. The MILF told me she liked to swallow, but h...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Alice Moore Pt 2 – Alice Moore


Today is 21 year old newbie Alice Moore, and Alice is in need of MORE orgasms that's for sure. You see Alice just threw away all her sex toys. "WHAT?!" Said Jay. I know right? Well have you ever seen one of these befo...

ExploitedCollegeGirls – Alice Moore Pt 1 BTS – Alice Moore


Today is 21 year old newbie Alice Moore, and Alice is in need of MORE orgasms that's for sure. You see Alice just threw away all her sex toys. "WHAT?!" Said Jay. I know right? Well have you ever seen one of these befo...

FakeTaxi – Sex Doll Watches Cabbie Cheat – Natasha Ink


I was driving around with my Barbara, my sex doll girlfriend, when Natasha Ink got into the car. I tried to tell her a German tourist left the doll, but no, she called me out as a liar. It's my personal business anywa...

FakeTaxi – The Redhead in the Red Dress – Isabella Lui


A beautiful redhead in a red dress got into the Taxi and asked for a ride to Ditrichova street. I started driving, and in the rearview mirror, caught sight that she was taking selfies. I tried to engage her in convers...

SexInTaxi – Hot Brunette Undressed In A Taxi – Barbara Bieber, Steve Q


This beautiful girl refused to wear a face mask and preferred to strip naked and enjoy hard sex with a horny taxi driver.

SexInTaxi – Amazing Brunette Tells The Driver About Her Selfish Lover – Sofia the Bum, George Uhl


This charming girl told the driver the story of her selfish lover who did not want to fuck her. After the pee stop she wanted to finish what she started with her lover… Great sex

SexInTaxi – Single Horny Girl Fucked The Driver – Katy Rose, Steve Q


This beautiful girl just broke up with her boyfriend, who threw her out of the car. The young nymphomaniac took the opportunity to fuck the taxi driver.

FemaleFakeTaxi – Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy – Billie Star, Mr. Pete


I was driving the taxi along when I saw Mr. Pete flagging me down. He was headed downtown, and asked to get him there fast. He asked me if it was okay if he changed clothes, and I found him hot, so I said it was fine....

FakeDrivingSchool – Take Off My Hazmat Suit and Fuck Me – Lexi Dona, Michael Fly


Now that restrictions have eased up, I was able to start giving lessons again. My student for the day was Lexi Dona. There was no way to miss her, because she was wearing a bright yellow hazmat suit! "Scared for her h...