For this Team Skeet Labs update, we’re thinking “out of the box.” This experiment, titled “Freaky Fembots,” revolves around the idea of ultra-realistic sex robots who live to serve some fortunate souls—these Fembots love nothing more than sucking and fucking. In this episode, Charma Kelly arrives at the house of Brock Cooper. When activated, Charma’s sexual prowess is immediately activated, and Brock couldn’t be more excited. Brock tries all the features possible, and Fembot Charma seems to be enjoying the ride, too. This Fembot will no doubt have her work cut out for her in the coming days, as Brock is instantly hooked on her.


TeamSkeet, TeamSkeetLabs



Published: October 18, 2021

Duration: 0:50:47
Views: 2.18K

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