Hey, it’s Karlee Grey’s spa day! To make this experience worth it, she seeks James Deen for some massage and a little something. When she made her choice, she knew that the massage is the least of the things that is gonna happen. This nasty slut wants something more— something more satisfying and fucky. She takes off all her clothes and lies down on the massage table. James Deen enters the scene and starts doing his job. At first, he does it nicely and professionally. Halfway through, his hands starts traveling in unusual places. Karlee didn’t react at all except for her moans under her breath. Karlee gets flipped over to get her front be massaged. From the bottom, James runs his hands to the top and stopped at her tits. Karlee stays still. James now starts fondling her awesome tits. Eventually, James hover his dick over Karlee. At this point, she is now the one who’s doing the job— blowjob, that is while fondling her own tits, she starts taking care of the whole length of his fat cock. After that, James bent her over and starts burying his face into her ass to lick her holes. After this, her ‘massage’ gets a twist. James then laid her down afterwards and starts fucking her hard. With her legs spread apart and wiggling in the air, she takes dick balls-deep. From this, James dragged Karlee on an adventure of fucking. Riding that dick, bent over or sideways— you fuckin’ name it. James took great care of Karlee’s pussy until he was done with his massage. Being done, in this case, consists of James and his fat dick spewing warm cum all over Karlee. With this, James ended Karlee’s appointment with him and ultimately made her spa day perfect, at least for her.


TeamSkeet, TeamSkeetXJamesDeen




Published: May 10, 2020

Duration: 0:43:26
Views: 1.42K

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