James Deen who plays Ian and Remy LaCroix who plays Juliette is still on the run. This time around, Juliette is already sitting on the passenger seat freely and comfortably. She looks like she enjoyed his company now more than ever. The men of Juliette’s husband is still looking for her. One of his men, who is carrying what supposedly is the ransom money ran into Ian and Juliette in the dessert. Ian shoots him and the two left him, almost dead on the sand. The next scene shifts into Juliette and Ian already inside a room. They are making out on a bed with pussy red sheets and with money scattered all over it. Both are fully-clothed as they sensually kiss each other on the mouth. They slowly take each other’s clothes off until both of them are butt naked on the sheets. Ian trails kiss on Juliette’s body until he reaches her tight pussy. He dives into her pussy, smelling its aroma before licking and biting her clit turning her on even more. He then slowly thrusts his warm tongue into her almost wet and tight pussy. She gasps and arches her back at the sensation. With her pussy now fucking wet, Juliette returns the favors and sucks Ian’s big dick. She takes his full-length member into her mouth, ignoring the fact that his size might choke her. She continuously gives him a blowjob until his cock is hard and ready to fuck. Now that both of them are ready, Ian puts her on all fours and rams his big hard cock into her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her hard in the doggy-style position. The porn stars then switch to scoop me up position driving Juliette crazy that she takes control of the situation. Juliette hops on top of Ian, gently thrusting his big hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy. She rides him hard in the cowgirl position hitting her G-spot. James Deen is Ian and Remy LaCroix is Juliette. The two finished fucking each other in the missionary position with both of her legs on his shoulders.


TeamSkeet, TeamSkeetXJamesDeen



Published: May 22, 2020

Duration: 0:30:27
Views: 1.90K

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