Cruising the beautiful blue waters, Luna and James cannot wait to get their hands on each other. After a long expedition, they finally set foot on shore and take a look around. The island is quaint and cozy, but after a while, they want a chance to get away. Finally, they find a secluded corner where they can get intimate by the ocean. James grabs Luna’s hips and slides his thick cock between her pussy lips as she moans. He fucks her doggystyle as Luna’s lustrous black hair blows in the wind. Luna sucks his cock, letting the spit soak his shaft as she works. Then, James unleashes a gooey load of cum on Lunas bubbly Asian ass. Nothing like sex by the sea.


TeamSkeet, TeamSkeetXLunaXJames





Published: October 1, 2019

Duration: 0:06:22
Views: 693

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