Demi Sutra is a modern day feminist. She believes in women owning their own sexuality, which is why she is getting into the porn industry. She just wants to be a big slut, and nobody is going to tell her otherwise. Well, Demi, we salute you. Now, suck that dick! And Demi does. She slobbers on this cock like she is liberating a woman with every lick. Then she bends over and lets the dick slide into her black pussy from the back, just as the great feminist icon Susan B. Anthony once did. Well, maybe not… But still, you go Demi! She loves the peen so much she squirts like a fountain all over our stud, and we could not be prouder to see the progress she has made for all womankind. Get this woman on a motivational poster, because she is a goddamn inspiration! And she can sure as hell take a dick. What do you think of Demi? Let us know in the comments!

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