WARNING: this isn’t a “typical” update. It’s a gonzo, cell-phone video and there’s no BTS, per se. Cause the BTS interview kinda takes place during the scene. Lemme tell ya a true story: a porno agent calls Mr. POV totally out of the blue. “Hey, there’s a brand new girl in Porn Valley. I’m gonna represent her. She’s never shot anything. Sasha Grey is her favorite porn star, and she wants to start performing. I need a couple simple shots to send producers. Just put her up against a white wall and get me like 4 or 5 shots. Front. Back. Side. You know the routine.” Mr. POV agreed, met Aliza, and while taking her pics, thought — maybe the members might like something “raw” and “real”? I think they will! Maybe they won’t! But ya gotta appreciate it… Enjoy my brothers!





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Published: March 11, 2020

Duration: 0:28:11
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