Nothing is as bullshit as wedding vows. Rules are meant to be broken. If it wasn’t for married women half my pussy stable wouldn’t exist. Jynx is moments from marrying the love of her life yet can’t help but to have one more romp with yours truly and romp is what I did. What a beautiful asshole on this broad I finger fucked it over and over again as she smiled with joy. She was everything a Latina could and should be. Thick ass, tight shaved pussy, soft wet mouth, perky titties, manicured nails, hair done to the T! All this just for me to plow that muff before walking out the door to tie the knot. She was all mine. She’s always been mine and she always will be mine. My whore for all my sexual needs. She’s there just for sucking and fucking! Let some other fool marry her and deal with all the bullshit. Not me, nope I’m just the guy she runs to when she needs to be treated like a dirty whore because her man is a gentleman. Luckily for me, the majority of the population is this type of man and I applaud that. Without them, there would be no use for lone wolves such as myself. That’s what these sluts truly want. The true Alpha the Lone fucking wolf. I use every inch of this cunt for my sexual pleasure.That fat Latina bubble butt feels like a one car garage that I jam my monster truck into every time I get the urge. I face fuck that soft wet mouth like a savage with my thick cock as she gasps for air. Her delicate little hands stroke my cock with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Her feet are so dexterous she grips my fat cock with her tiny toes and tickles my balls with ease. It was so hard not to cum as she begged for more and more rough sex. Best yet was I came twice in her pussy. Yeah, that’s right a double creampie deep in her cunt right as I sent her out the door to kiss her husband on the lips and seal her wedding Vows! Slut!





Published: March 8, 2020

Duration: 0:36:07
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