Rogue Military Soldiers Sneak Arab Hookers On Base

It’s always a mission finding quality pussy out here in the shit. But trust me, it’s worth it, especially when we’re getting top of the line local pussy like this one. We had to travel to pretty much the middle of nowhere, to meet up with our new local informant AKA pussy supplier. On the way to the meetup, Brooklyn spotted a goat tied to a fucking tree. So being the brainiac he is, he had the great idea of taking it to our pussy supplier as some sort of trade.

A move that came back to bite us in the ass is that he didn’t want the fucking goat. Can you believe that? I thought these guys loved goats!!!! Anyways, this girl was smoking hot, and excited to party. We took this beautiful desert flower back to our base for a good fucking. Her pussy was tight and dripping wet, she fell in love with that good ol’ American dicking. Afterwards, we decided to gift her Elmo The Goat… I miss that little guy 🙁






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Published: May 28, 2018

Duration: 0:20:05
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