Alex Coal is not your average doctor. She works specifically with special agents when they get hurt in the field. Today, she finds you in her house for a check-up to see how you have been recovering from yet another dangerous mission. After giving you a brief looking over and signing off that you are fit for duty, Alex Coal levels with you. She worries about you and that your next mission may be your last. She cannot stand seeing you leave and putting yourself in harms way yet again. Not only does it make her worried, but it also makes her incredibly wet. She cannot let you leave without one more incredible sex session. She takes her doctor’s robe off and shows you her beautiful naked body. She likes it rough and knows that you are one of the only men who can seem to give her such passionate sex. Time to serve your country in the best way.






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Published: August 14, 2021

Duration: 0:47:48
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