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MomsTeachSex – Stepmom Your Lips Taste Like Pussy – S16:E8 – Ashley Lane, Jamie Michelle, Ricky Spanish


Ashley Lane and her BFF slash former lover Jamie Michelle haven't seen each other since bisexual Jamie married a man. Now Jamie has a stepson, Ricky Spanish, and a new life that just doesn't include getting girls. Jam...

DadCrush – Silence is Golden – Sophia Leone, Ike Diezel


After Sophia Leone gets in trouble with her stepdad, Ike Diezel, she needs to bribe him in exchange for his silence. But the deal quickly escalates past just one incident. Soon, Sophia is bribing Ike regularly, and lu...

DadCrush – Did You Get My Text? – Zerella Skies, Brother Love


Zerella Skies loves being naughty but loves teasing her horny stepdad, Brother Love, even more. After Zerella sends her stepdad a lude photo, he can’t get her off of his mind. Soon, Zerella finds a way to get precisel...

DadCrush – Vivian’s Punishment Plan – Vivian Fox, Bobby Beefcakes


Vivian Fox has been a naughty girl and needs to be punished to the fullest extent—her stepdad, Bobby Beefcakes, is just the man for the job. Using an array of various hardcore punishments, Bobby will teach Vivian a le...

DadCrush – Learning From Your Mistakes – Mae Milano, Filthy Rich


After Mae Milano gets in trouble at school, Filthy Rich sits down with her to discuss her behavior. Mae has been seeing a boy in the bathrooms and confesses her naughtiness to Filthy. Mae is so horny that she can’t he...

DadCrush – Give Me Comfort, Give Me Dick – Kiara Cole, Bobby Beefcakes


Kiara Cole is going through a rough time, but luckily her stepdad, Bobby Beefcakes, knows how to comfort her. When Kiara misunderstands Bobby’s comfort, she comes onto him, and he can’t resist her supple young body. T...

DadCrush – Bad Stepdaughter – Nina Pink, Ike Diezel


Nina Pink asks her stepdad Ike Diezel for some money to go buy a new outfit at the mall; when she comes back Ike demands that she try on what she got for him. Later, Nina asks Ike if he could drive her to the farmacy ...

DadCrush – Guest of Boner – Lana Sharapova, Ike Diezel


When Lana Sharapova comes knocking on her stepdad Ike Diezel’s door, he discovers that her boyfriend kicked her out so she now needs a place to stay. Ike remembers the naughty things they would secretly do so he’s exc...

DadCrush – Cum On, Stepdad – Lily Lou, Bobby Beefcakes


When fitness babe Lily Lou notices how her stepdad Bobby Beefcakes keeps having unhealthy habits, she steps in and starts teaching him a few tricks to follow a healthy regimen. Turns out Bobby still needs some motivat...

DadCrush – She Earned The Keys Back – XxLayna Marie, Filthy Rich


After Filthy Rich discovers that his stepdaughter XxLayna Marie got a speeding ticket while driving his car, he decides to take the keys from her and force her to earn them back. Turns out the only way to get those ke...

DadCrush – Stepdaddy’s Got The Money – Clara Trinity, Ike Diezel


When Ike Diezel’s stepdaughter Clara Trinity is in need of some money she goes to Ike for help, who is happy to lend her some but she’ll have to pay him back in a most naughty way!

DadCrush – The Corruption of Dakota Burns: Chapter Two – Dakota Burns, Filthy Rich


Previously, Dakota Burns was suspended from school, and her stepbrother, Nicky Rebel, offered to help her cover up the incident. But the cover-up evolves into multiple fuck sessions between the stepsiblings, only to e...

DadCrush – One Thankful Daddy – Madison Summers, Filthy Rich


Maddison Summers is home for the holidays, and her stepdad, Filthy Rich, couldn’t be more excited! When Filthy gifts Madison an apron for Turkey Day dinner, she immediately puts it on and arouses herself in bed. Filth...

DadCrush – The Italian Way – Scarlett Sommers, Filthy Rich


When Scarlett Sommers gets back from Italy she stays with her stepdad Filthy Rich who has gotten the house ready to make her feel comfortable. Scarlett is so grateful for her stepdad’s hospitality that she decides to ...

DadCrush – Stepdad’s Discipline Takes A Turn – Dani Blu, Penelope Woods, Ike Diezel


When Ike Diezel finds his stepdaughters Dani Blu and Penelope Woods hanging out in the streets wearing slutty outfits he brings them back home immediately and gives them a good spanking. When the girls are sent to the...

DadCrush – Talented Toes – Scarlet Skies, Jay Rock


While Scarlet Skies is painting her toenails, her stepdad Jay Rock confesses that he’s always had a thing for feet. Scarlet ends up making all of her stepdad’s wild fantasies come true!

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906180 – Political Power – Lily Larimar, Mike Mancini


Lily Larimar is the daughter of a powerful senator, but all that goes out the window when Mike Mancini catches her stealing from the department store. Now, if she wants to stay out of trouble, and protect the senator’...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615380 – Partners in Crime – Pristine Edge, Harlow West, Calvin Hardy


After Harlow West and Pristine Edge are accused of stealing, loss prevention officer Calvin Hardy initiates an interrogation. Pristine can’t get caught in this predicament with a previous record, so she asks Harlow to...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906179 – Gang Reputation – Mia Kay, Naudi Nala, Mike Mancini


Mia Kay and Naudia Nala get caught shoplifting, and loss prevention officer Mike Mancini puts them through an intense interrogation. When the two girls admit to their crimes, Mike strikes up a deal to make sure they s...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906178 – The Collector – Zerella Skies, Billy Boston


Zerella Skies may have a slight issue with collecting, or as loss prevention officer Billy Boston likes to call it, stealing. Once Zerella is busted, she’ll need to do whatever it takes to get out of this precarious s...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906177 – Just Say No Comment – Jackie Hoff, Calvin Hardy


When Jackie Hoff gets caught on camera stealing a slutty bikini, security officer Calvin Hardy brings her to the backroom to ask her some questions and assess the situation. When presented with the stolen evidence Jac...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615379 – The Mournful Thief – Jessica Ryan, Mike Mancini


On the day of her husband’s funeral, Jessica Ryan attempts to steal flowers from the store. But her actions are thwarted by loss prevention officer Mike Mancini. To get out of trouble, Jessica will have to make a deal...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906176 – A Busty Thief – Bella Luna, Joshua Lewis, Tyler Cruise


Security officers Joshua Lewis and Tyler Cruise bring suspected thief Bella Luna to the backroom for some questioning, after doing a strip search they find some stolen rings on her. The officers must now do a deep cav...

Blacked – The Dutiful Wife – Gabbie Carter, Anton Harden


Gabbie is so over her husband… and now that the will has been finalized and the house is all hers, she’s looking for a way to keep his side of the bed warm. He might not like how fast Gabbie is moving on or who she ch...

Blacked – Scorned – Eve Sweet, Aaron Rock


Eve looks like an angel, but don’t cross her, because she has a devilish side. Disrespect her and you’ll feel her wrath… the last guy who cheated ended up humiliated in the worst way. On the other hand, Eve was perfec...

Blacked – Adrenaline – Little Dragon, Darrell Deeps


Thrill-seeking Little Dragon is always looking for another adventure. This time, she has taken to the high seas as a cruise ship fitness instructor so she can seek out exciting new action. By accident, she catches a p...

BlackedRaw – Interception – Scarlett Hampton, Isiah Maxwell


Is dancing with another woman cheating? What about flirting with a sexy blonde stranger like Scarlett? How about taking her upstairs to your room and recording a video so your significant other can see your new friend...

BlackedRaw – Luscious – Azul Hermosa, Anton Harden


It’s a struggle to get a woman like Azul’s attention. When she isn’t out with another guy, she’s making time for friends. But since her bestie ditched her and she’s all dressed up with no place to go, this sexpot just...

BlackedRaw – Going Out – Haley Spades, Isiah Maxwell


A little black dress on a petite blonde package: Hayley is looking like a blue-eyed American dream. And what does every big-eyed girl dream about when she hits up the big city? Let’s hope Hayley can handle the supersi...

BlackedRaw – Interested – Sera Ryder, Anton Harden


How easily can a hot young woman get laid? Sexy Sera barely has to try. A trip to the gas station in sneakers and jeans is all it takes to have men hovering around her orbit, and if they’re bold enough she might just ...

PervMom – Good Luck Fuck – Mona Azar, Tommy Wood


Mona Azar tells her stepson Tommy Wood that she’s been betting on him to win his basketball game, but now he’s under a lot of pressure so Mona wonders if there’s anything she can do to relieve the pressure. Tommy joki...

PervMom – A Hope and a Prayer – Marie McCray, Oliver Davis


Oliver Davis is horny beyond belief, and his stepmom, Maria McCray, wants to help curb the issue. Using the power of prayer, the two face all of Oliver’s internal conflicts. But the sexual tension between the two only...

PervMom – In On the Secret – Ashley Wolf, Jay Rock


After Jay Rock discovers his stepmom, Ashley Wolf, is a total slut, he has an ace in his pocket he knows he can hold on to forever. If Ashley wants her secret to be safe, Jay has some demands of his own. Ashley totall...

PervMom – Strict But Fair – Penny Barber, Billy Boston


Penny Barber is a stepmom who is hard to please, and Billy Boston constantly feels her stinging wrath. When Billy walks out on his chores one day, Penny decides it’s finally time to punish her unruly stepson. But Bill...

SisLovesMe – Here’s the Deal – Summer Col, Allen Swift


Summer Col wants to go out for a night on the town with her friends, but her stepbrother, Allen Swift, isn’t so keen on Summer taking his car. Allen makes a deal with Summer, but that soon escalates into something muc...

SisLovesMe – What’s My Line Again? – Savannah Sixx, Austin Pierce


Savannah Sixx wants to land the role of her lifetime, and with the help of her stepbro, Austin Pierce, she just may. The two practice Savannah’s lines together and get her ready for her upcoming critical audition.

SisLovesMe – A Walk on the Dark Side – Sera Ryder, Chad Alva


Sera Ryder is an evil sinner who can’t get sex off her mind, and her stepbro, Chad Alva, wants nothing to do with her. That is until she attempts to corrupt his virgin soul and bring him to the dark side. Chad, confid...

PureTaboo – All I Do Is Give – Lola Fae, Seth Gamble


ALL I DO IS GIVE Georgia (Lola Fae) is with her bedridden parent, Ellen (Lilly James), when Trevor (Seth Gamble), Ellen's boyfriend, returns home. Unfortunately, the moment he walks in through the door and sees Ellen...

PureTaboo – Whatever Keeps You Safe – Aliya Brynn, Dante Colle


WHATEVER KEEPS YOU SAFE Aliya Brynn is anxious as she tiptoes around her house, closing all the curtains. Something is clearly spooking her and every little sound makes her jump, including when her friend, Dante Coll...

PureTaboo – Family Planning – Alex Coal, Seth Gamble


FAMILY PLANNING SCENE OPENS on Steve (Seth Gamble) returning home when his wife, Pamela (Nicole Aria), calls him into the bedroom. She emotionally reveals that due to the recent unexpected death of a friend's baby, s...

PureTaboo – Infidelity Clause – Evelyn Claire, Candice Dare


INFIDELITY CLAUSE SCENE OPENS on Marla (Evelyn Claire), a private investigator, meeting with a prospective client, Michael (Thrill), who suspects that his wife Nicole (Candice Dare) is being unfaithful. Michael wants...

PureTaboo – Clean Up Your Life – Destiny Cruz, Jessy Jones


CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE Tina (Destiny Cruz) arrives at the house her older sibling, Sophie (Vanessa Vega), shares with her boyfriend, Rick (Jessy Jones). Tina has just been through a bad breakup and loss of employment, an...

PureTaboo – Playing God – Dee Williams, Natalie Brooks, Ryan Driller


PLAYING GOD SCENE OPENS to a dinner, where Carson (Ryan Driller) and Kim (Dee Williams) have invited their goddaughter Kelly (Natalie Brooks) and her parents George (John Legendary) and Eleonore (Kiki D'Aire) over fo...

PureTaboo – Canceled – Tiffany Watson, Serene Siren


Rose (Tiffany Watson) is looking at her laptop computer when she sees a social media post from a company that claims to support LGBTQ-related causes. Rose is outraged because she knows this is actually a lie... the CE...

Deeper – Whatever She Wants – Savannah Bond, Anton Harden


Guest director Bloom tells a story of a husband who allows whatever she wants, even if her desire is another man. Directed By: Bloom.

Deeper – Exposure – Lulu Chu, Gianna Dior, Manuel Ferrara


Lulu is an agoraphobic. Undergoing exposure therapy to get over her extreme isolation. She sees a therapist who hooks her up to a machine that allows her to experience what she is afraid of. Directed By: Kayden Kross.

Deeper – The Hustle Part 1 – Ryan Reid, Manuel Ferrara


A bratty actress drags her temper tantrum all over town when her producer denies her the role she thought she'd been fucking him for. Part 1 of 2. Directed By: Ken Shiro.

Deeper – Fantasy – Emily Willis, Oliver Flynn, Mick Blue


In Emily's fantasy, her partner brings her a man. His only definable quality is a well-hung cock. She can see her partner but never the man's face as they penetrate her. Directed By: Kayden Kross.