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Blacked – Barbie Stefany And Zuzu Have 3 BBC Pool Side Orgy – Barbie Rous, Stefany Kyler, Zuzu Sweet, Jack Rippher, Jesus Reyes, Aaron Rock


Barbie, Zuzu, and Stefany were expecting a quiet day by the pool, but when three guys catch their eye, it's goodbye boyfriend, goodbye bikinis, bring on the back patio orgy. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Size Queen Kendra Needs A Real BBC To Please Her – Kendra Sunderland, Jax Slayher


Kendra won't go through with what she's about to do... if her man can grow a few inches overnight. Otherwise, this well-endowed dream girl is climbing up the first pole she can find. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Stacked Blonde Wifey Blake Begs For His Thick BBC – Blake Blossom, Isiah Maxwell


All work and no play makes Blake a bad girl. It's time to pull her boyfriend's eyes away from his spreadsheet by any means necessary. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Training Day – Emma Rosie, Hollywood Cash


Emma's going to cheat on her husband today... no big deal, right? Actually, Emma's feeling pretty anxious, because what this gym bunny's personal trainer is packing is definitely a big deal. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – In Blume Second Entry – Eva Blume, Troy Francisco


A runaway fiancé in Portugal, Eve is going rogue on a journey of sexual self-discovery. With the wind up her skirt and her heart racing fast, she's through playing it safe and looking for an experience that will stret...

Blacked – Tiny Blonde Lexi Cant Get Her Mind Off His BBC – Lexi Lore, Hollywood Cash


Lexi is a music producer who never aligned her vibe with hip-hop stars... until one asked her to help produce his next twelve-inch maxi-single. Welcome to Pound Town, population: one tiny blonde. Directed By: Derek Do...

Blacked – Scorned Lika Shows Cheater Hubby What Hes Missing – Lika Star, Jax Slayher


How did Lika even find out about Panama? That's for her to know, and her man to worry about while she blows him back into her arms. Like most women, Lika stays three steps ahead. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Natural Beauty Queenie Gives In To BBC Temptation – Queenie Sateen, Jax Slayher


Now that Queenie has broken through to the big time, she needs time to relax and be herself more than ever before. When this superstar wants downtime, she calls her old bodyguard to take care of all the things she doe...

Blacked – Gorgeous Stefany Gets DPED In A BBC Gangbang Party- Stefany Kyler, Jack Rippher, Hollywood Cash, Black Prince, Freaky T, Nelson Mandingo, Rockardo Black


Stefany's deadbeat man has let her down again... or so she thinks. He knows more about his sexy brunette partner than she realizes, and now she has an arrangement to meet a man who can fulfil her in every way he can't...

Blacked – Curvy Blonde Vic Takes Huge BBC While Bf Watches – Vic Marie, Isiah Maxwell


Vic can't believe her boyfriend wants to watch her with another man, but tonight she's taking him up on his offer. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Runaway Fiancee Sky Finds BBC Adventure Abroad – Sky Pierce, Jack Rippher


After breaking off her engagement, Sky vacations in the South of France. While attempting to return the ring, she gets lost, meets Jack, and finds herself. DIrected By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Experienced MILF Cant Resist Cheating With 4 BBCs – Brandi Love, Jax Slayher, Richard Mann, Dwayne Foxxx, Don Sudan


Brandi has a leaky marriage and an airtight setup at work. A dud or four pro studs, for this blonde MILF it's not much of a decision. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Drama Queen Chanel Has Intense Make Up Sex With BF – Chanel Camryn, Isiah Maxwell


Chanel caught her boyfriend cheating, and now she's showing him her spiteful side. If she screws with him enough, he doesn't have to be the only bad-guy, and instead of breaking up they can have make-up sex. Directed ...

Blacked – BBC Curious Ashby Enjoys First Time Cucking Hubby – Ashby Winter, Hollywood Cash


Ashby has talked her husband into sharing his platinum blonde trophy wife. He's not so sure about this... the only thing he is sure about is that the way his wife is dressed, the other man is going to devour her. Dire...

Blacked – Lucky Hotwife Freya Gets The Gift Of BBC From Hubby – Freya Parker, Richard Mann


Ryan enlists the help of his wife's best friend, Stella Sedona, to help him choose an anniversary present for his wife. Last year he got her a stupid cactus and his wife was very disappointed, but not this time. He's ...

Blacked – The New Wife The Ex-Wife And One BBC To Share – Olivia Jay, Liz Jordan, Jax Slayher


Olivia's divorce has been finalized, and her husband has already moved on. If there's one thing they can still agree on, it's that Liz is sex personified. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – BBC Thirsty Bonni Will Do Anything For Her Client – Bonni Gee, Jack Rippher


Bonni can't figure out if she's an up-and-comer's bodyguard or his work wife. Watching groupies come and go is torturing her, but post-nut clarity is twenty-twenty, and she's about to show her boss what she has that t...

Blacked – Naughty Wifey Summer Gets The BBC DP Of Her Dreams – Summer Jones, Jax Slayher, Hollywood Cash


Summer loves her husband, but she loves big dick even more. Now her back door man is bringing a friend to help Summer get her back door filled. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Petite Cutie Sneaks Away For Some Secret BBC – Lily Blossom, Jack Rippher


Lily's boyfriend is turning into a ball and chain: she wants to spread her wings on this vacation, and if someone runs interception Lily might just spread her legs as well. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Influence: Vanna Bardot – Part 5 – Vanna Bardot, Jason Luv


Vanna doesn’t need any more of Jason’s money, but she could use his muscle. Jason doesn’t answer to pussy, but for Vanna’s ass he might join her organization. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Influence: Vanna Bardot – Part 2 – Vanna Bardot, Little Dragon, Jax Slayher


Following a hot tip, Vanna makes a bad bet and gets herself involved in a criminal triad. With Little Dragon directing the operation, being bad never looked so good. Part 2 of 5. Stay looped in with Part 3 on TUSHY. D...

Blacked – Cheating Rika Cant Get Over Her Ex Boyfriends BBC – Rika Fane, Aaron Rock


If your girlfriend ever tells you that her and some other guy are just friends, remember what Rika told her boyfriend. She says she's just friends with another man, but a weekend at his villa might change that. Direct...

Blacked – BBC Curious Hotel Clerk Seduces Guest – Vanessa Alessia, Jack Rippher


Something has Vanessa on edge, but investigating will only show her things she might not be ready for. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – People Pleaser – Lilly Bell, Jax Slayher, Richard Mann, Hollywood Cash, Jamie Knoxx, Don Sudan, King Frank


Lilly's been a bad girl in college, and before her parents come to see her collect her diploma in a cap and gown, she wants to put on some lingerie and graduate with a bang... make that a gangbang. Directed By: Derek ...

Blacked – Hungry Hottie Has An Appetite For Her Bosss BBC – Hazel Moore, Anton Harden


The sexual tension is simmering between Hazel and her co-worker, but he's married. If this brunette businesswoman's research proves correct, she won't have to spend the whole day working. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – When Sparks Fly – April Olsen, Nathan Jay


April doesn't see any point in going on vacation if she can't get laid. Her stay has been a total bust, but by chance she meets someone who can bust her dress open. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Here To Stay – Kendra Sunderland, Jason Luv


The moment you've been waiting for: Kendra and Jason are back! And this busty blonde is going to do everything in her power to make him stay. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – In Vogue Part 3 – Christy White, Jack Rippher


Striking poses, private shoots, sabotage: Christy is an up-and-coming model who upsets the apple cart and captures all the photographer's attention. Part 3 of 5. Part 4 hits the runway on VIXEN. Directed By: Julia Gra...

Blacked – Thirsty Baddie Dumps Boring BF For BBC – Gizelle Blanco, Richard Mann


Gizelle went on one boring date and two years later she's still with Mr. Milquetoast. But now her body is doing the talking, and it's telling her to open the floodgates to someone who makes her soak her panties. Direc...

Blacked – The Bride The Ex The Cuck And His Sister Part 2 – Miss Jackson, Jack Rippher


When Miss Jackson's old flame crashes her engagement party and makes it with her fiance's little sister, this curvy blonde's jealousy snaps her into action. Part 2 of 2. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Consummate Professional – Britt Blair, Isiah Maxwell


Britt wants everything in the world you can possibly imagine. She also wants a man who calls her on her bratty behaviour. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Clout – Ruby Reign, Jack Rippher


Ruby's at this party to chase clout, but she has competition. If she's going to soak up the spotlight, she'll have to put herself in front of people, create anticipation, and help her host make an impact. Directed By:...

Blacked – A Gift For You – Kendra Sunderland, Richard Mann, Hollywood Cash, Jamie Knoxx


For her birthday, Kendra's man has sent her so many packages. The first contains lingerie. The others are self-explanatory. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – The Bride The Ex The Cuck and His Sister Part 1 – Alyssia Kent, Jack Rippher


Alyssia might have ruined her brother's life for a shot at some dick... but she can't be too worried about stealing her soon-to-be sister-in-law's thunder when there's a such a big blip on her radar. Directed By: Juli...

Blacked – Instincts – Jennie Rose, Rob Piper


With daddy out of town, Jennie turns to his most trusted associate to take care of the dirty work. The first thing on his list to take care of: his boss's daughter. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Winner – Holly Molly, Aaron Rock


Holly has a hard time meeting men who can keep up. When this lithe athletic beauty comes across a man who can match her pace, her competitive nature gives way to sexual obsession. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – I Want More – Alexa Payne, Rob Piper


Alexa always lived a safe life, which explains why risk-taking gives her such a thrill. When Alexa meets a dangerous man, she wants more... even if it gets her into trouble. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Swinger Anniversary – Brandi Love, Anton Harden


After being stood up by her husband, Brandi is given a very welcome make-up gift. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Big Secret 2 – Molly Little, Jax Slayher


Molly's friends have been passing around a really hung guy, and this spinner thinks she's ready. Her friend has her doubts, but Molly's up to the challenge... even when what she expected turns out to be bigger in pers...

Blacked – Infatuation 2 – Zazie Skymm, Aaron Rock


Zazie knows when blend in and when to stand out, how to serve and how to strike. When an attached man catches her eye, she hatches a plan to drive a wedge between him and his girlfriend. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Blacked – Size Queen – Katrina Colt, Richard Mann


Katrina is trying her best to commit to her fiancé and put aside her past as a size-queen. When she confides in her therapist, he only sees one way to help her. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – Happy Wife – Laney Grey, Isiah Maxwell


Laney's man likes to share, and if he's willing to share she's willing to pull out all the stops for another man: hair, makeup, lingerie, and bedroom moves her husband never gets to see. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Blacked – Secret Session – Jia Lissa, Aaron Rock


There are professional boundaries in couples therapy, and sleeping with your married patient is probably a big no-no. But Jia can't help wondering what her patient might be hiding that is a big yes-yes. Directed By: J...

Blacked – High Profile – Numi Zarah, Anton Harden


Numi is excited to meet her first celebrity client... so excited, in fact, that she forgot the bottom half of her skirt. Her client doesn't seem to mind, and this masseuse isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Directed...

Blacked – Nightlife Rivals – Vanessa Alessia, Baby Nicols, Aaron Rock


Baby and Vanessa are nightlife rivals, always finding each other at the same parties fighting for the same men. At this particular party both girls refuse to give up and end up in a shaky but exhilarating partnership....

Blacked – The Right Way – Braylin Bailey, Anton Harden


Braylin can be a brat, but when she gets on her man's bad side she has wiles to manipulate her way out of trouble. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Blacked – On Top – Blake Blossom, Rob Piper


Blake wants the man she has on the side all to herself. To get him where she wants him, all she has to do is put on some sexy lingerie, triangulate him against her boyfriend, and line up her shot. Directed By: Laurent...