Pornstar: Lolly Dames

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PervMom – Good Damage – Lolly Dames, Cock Ninja


Lolly Dames is here to settle the score, but after she sees that she's not welcome and that good intention will not suffice, she brings out her big boobs to help repair this broken relationship as they look into the f...

BrattyMILF – Stepmom Gave Me A Boner – Lolly Dames, Tony Profane


Tony isn't feeling well, so he goes to his bigtit stepmom Lolly Dames and asks to stay home from school for the day. Distracted by her phone call, Lolly gives Tony the go-ahead even though she doesn't believe that he'...

PervMom – The Corruption of Dakota Burns: Chapter Three – Lolly Dames, Nicky Rebel


Previously, Dakota Burns and Filthy Rich became obsessed with one another and started fucking in secret from the rest of their stepfamily. Now, Filthy Rich wants his wife, Lolly Dames, out of the picture and sends her...

BadMilfs – Stuck Like Glue – Lolly Dames, Kay Lovely, Berry McKockiner


Berry McKockiner is not what you would call a social butterfly. Instead, he prefers spending his time in his room, building model airplanes. His stepmom Lolly Dames, and stepsister Kay Lovely, grow worried that he’ll ...

Mylfwood – An Even Freakier Friday – Lolly Dames, Bess Breast, Berry McKockiner


Bess Breast and Lolly James don’t exactly see eye to eye, but that changes after an earthquake, which miraculously causes the two to trade bodies and minds. Now, they must come together to break the spell. Luckily, Be...

MomIsHorny – Bathtime Creeper – Lolly Dames, Berry McKockiner


Lolly Dames arrived home tired from the work week. All she wanted to do was take a hot shower and relax. However, her stepson Berry, had other things in mind. As she showered, he snuck into the bathroom and began spyi...

MommyBlowsBest – Feeding Her Ego – Lolly Dames


Lolly Dames is pissed! Her husband is canceling on date night again. She vents to her stepson about the slight. He lends her an ear and she lends him her mouth.

StayHomeMilf – The Perfect Incentive – Lolly Dames, Johnny The Kid


When busty stepmom Lolly Dames gets home to find the house a complete mess, she tells her stepson Johnny that he has to clean everything up, but Johnny wants some sort of incentive for it. Lolly knows exactly what to ...

MyFriendsHotMom – Lolly Dames, Johnny The Kid


Hot Milf Lolly Dames Plays With Sons Friend's Big Cock Lolly Dames read the messages that Johnny sent her son. Apparently, they were planning to have a ditch day and hang out with some girls instead. Lolly puts a sto...

MyPervyFamily – 4th Of July Party With A Twist – Lolly Dames, Layla Belle, Peter Green


So I've got this hot new girlfriend Layla, blonde, natural pierced tits & a cute butt. I'm bringing her to a 4th of July thing & my stepmom Lolly is there. Thing is.... me and my stepmom have messed around whi...

AssParade – Lolly’s Perfect Booty – Lolly Dames, Tyler Steel


Lolly Dames joins us this week to parade her beautiful ass for us. This chick has a huge booty that she loves to show around. We worshipped her booty for some time before it was time for her tight pussy to get fucked....

FamilyStrokes – 4th of July Wiener – Lolly Dames, Selena Love, Johnny The Kid


Selena Love and her stepmom Lolly Dames are ready to celebrate 4th of July, but Lolly wants to make sure that Selena follows her diet and keeps practicing for her dance recital. When stepbrother Johnny arrives at the ...

BBCParadise – My Big Black Assistant – Lolly Dames, James Angel


When Lolly Dames complains to her husband about all the things that need to get done around the house he hires an assistant, James Angel, to help her out. Lolly welcomes James and shows him all the chores that he need...

Milfty – Tasting Her Shamrock Milkshake – Lolly Dames, Peter Green


Blonde busty MILF Lolly Dames hosts the MYLF network show and today’s episode is all about St. Patrick’s Day and how to prepare a delicious shamrock milkshake. After teaching us the recipe, Lolly will get playful with...

MomIsHorny – I Need You To Fuck Me With This – Lolly Dames, Johnny The Kid


Lolly Dames came home after a stressful day. She needed to release a lot of tension. She grabbed her little shower dildo with a suction cup and went for a sexy shower. Except that dildo didn’t work as intended. It was...

PervMom – My Stepmom’s Reward – Lolly Dames, Johnny The Kid


Blonde busty stepmom Lolly Dames discovers that her stepson Johnny has been failing all his classes and it seems to be because he’s been obsessed with watching MILF porn! Lolly then suggests that they make a deal, if ...

FamilyStrokes – Stepmom’s Love Comes First – Lolly Dames, Peter Green


When Peter Green brings his new girlfriend Baby Karma home to meet his stepmom Lolly Dames, things don’t go as well as he hoped for. Lolly has a serious talk with Baby Karma, basically pointing out all the reasons why...