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FreeUseFantasy – Learning To Freeuse – Krystal Davis, Gia Dibella, Rion King


When Rion King asks his girlfriend Gia DiBella permission to touch her, she turns him away and breaks up with him. Rion’s stepmom Krystal Davis notices how upset he is so he talks to him and tells him that men know wh...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Games – Kay Lovely, Lilith Moaningstar, Nade Nasty


Gamer stepsiblings Nade Nasty and Kay Lovely challenge their stepmom Lilith Moaningstar to a video game match. While Kay plays against Lilith, Nade pulls his cock out and starts fucking Kay’s mouth, which causes her t...

FreeUseFantasy – After School Stepdad Special – Bella Jane, Lina Flex, Peter Green


College girl Lina Flex introduces her stepdad, Peter Green, to her new friend from school, Bella Jane. Peter thinks Bella is great but is more excited to see Lina. Bella quickly learns that the dynamic the two have is...

FreeUseFantasy – A Boyfriend for Two – Brooklyn Gray, Harlow West, Rion King


Brooklyn Gray’s new boyfriend, Rion King, meets Brooklyn’s stepsister, Harlow West. The two immediately hit it off and get comfortable with each other. Later on, the fun continues and, the stepsisters share Rion even ...

FreeuseFantasy – A Perfect Team Addition – Kuleana, Jack Vegas


Kuleana is the newest personal assistant to Jack Vegas. His other personal assistants, Angeline Red and Cierra Bell help Kuleana ease into her new role. As she becomes more acclimated to the job, Jack introduces Kulea...

FreeuseFantasy – Naughty Namaste – Lauren Phillips, Penelope Kay, Nathan Bronson


Lauren Phillips invites Penelope Kay to a yoga session with the renowned yogi Nathan Bronson. From their downward dog through half-lotus, Nathan does what he knows best and helps unlock their chakras. But the yoga ses...

FreeUseFantasy – Time Of The Month – Tristan Summers, Mike Mancini


Mike Mancini’s family lives in a free use household, which means he always has full access to his wife’s body, except this time she’s on her period which makes her turn to her stepdaughter Tristan Summers asking her t...

FreeUseFantasy – Hand Held Honey – Honey Hayes, Nade Nasty


Cute gamer girl Honey Hayes is obsessed with her new video game, so much so that her stepdad Lou Cipher and stepbrother Nade Nasty are always complaining about her never putting the game down. When Lou notices that sh...

FreeUseFantasy – Free Weights Training – Aria Carson, Madi Collins, Robby Echo


Madi invites her friend Aria over to experience what it's like to have a personal trainer. She plans a full fun-filled day of exercising and free weights training that ends with a deep dick massage that these girls de...

FreeUseFantasy – She’s For Both Of Us – Kylie Quinn, Johnny The Kid


Sugardaddy Ruben Rolex tells his sugarbaby Kylie Quinn that his stepson Johnny is coming to visit so they must help him feel comfortable with their situation. Kylie suggests that they share her, and Ruben agrees. When...

FreeUseFantasy – Home Alone with Step Bro – Paisley Paige, Clara Trinity, Nade Nasty


Paisley Paige and Clara Trinity are left home alone for a weekend - but their parents put their stepbrother in charge. Stepbro wants the extra responsibility to be worth his while.

FreeUseFantasy – Hypnodick – Ashley Aleigh, Dani Blu, Honey Hayes, Gunnar Stone


Ashley Aleigh, Dani Blu, and Honey Hayes are three cock-crazed sex addicts in a support group. Wanting to break their addiction, they await a hypnotist coming to help them… but instead they hatch a plan to fuck him.

FreeUseFantasy – Available – Chloe Cherry, Alex Jett


Sheena Ryder introduces her new stepdaughter Chloe Cherry to stepbrother Alex Jett, who immediately notices that Chloe seems to be completely absorbed by her phone, ignoring everything else that’s going on around her....

FreeUseFantasy – The Coolest Stepdad – Alexia Anders, Mia Taylor, Marcus London


Mia Taylor goes to Alexia Anders’ place and meets her stepfather Marcus London. Pretty soon, Mia realizes that Marcus treats Alexia like a free use sex doll and she really likes this dinamic! Mia is happy to participa...

FreeUseFantasy – Dreaming Of Freeuse – Blake Blossom, Lily Lane, Robby Echo


Robby Echo is in the middle of his therapy session with Dr. Lily Lane complaining about always being ignored, while Dr. Lily is spaced out doodling on her clipboard. Suddenly, busty blonde Blake Blossom walks in claim...

FreeUseFantasy – Make Sure She Follows The Rules – Nikki Sweet, Sabrina Snow, Peter Green


When blonde babe Sabrina Snow knocks on Nikki Sweet’s boyfriend's door looking for a place to stay, Nikki tries to turn her away at first, but when Peter takes one look at her, he says that she can stay but only if sh...

FreeUseFantasy – St. Paddy’s Freeuse Celebration – Rose Winters, Mike Mancini, Alex Jett


On St. Patrick’s Day morning, Alex Jett goes to wake up his stepsister Rose Winters who immediately starts hating on the holiday. As Alex helps Rose start changing into something green, he bends her over the bed and j...

FreeUseFantasy – Extra Lovey Stepbro – Sofie Reyez, Peter Green


When Kiki Klout suggests they go to Sofie Reyez’ place to study, Sofie is reluctant saying that her stepbrother is kind of unusual, but Kiki doesn’t mind. Later on, Sofie’s stepbrother Peter Green offers to help them ...

FreeuseFantasy – Endless Desire Possibilities – Gabbie Carter, Marcus London


Marcus London finds himself in the perfect dream world when he realizes he can control and do anything and everything he can possibly desire with busty babe Gabbie Carter.

FreeuseFantasy – Playtime In The Bedroom – Mia Moore, Alex Jett, Jon Rogue, Rion King


Rion King invites his buddies Jon Rogue and Alex Jett to watch the Big Game together, when the game is not going well, they ask him about the mysterious surprise he has mentioned earlier. Rion leads his friends to his...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Relations – Angeline Red, Jessica Ryan, Jack Vegas


When Jack Vegas comes home from work, he’s delighted to find his favorite stepdaughter Angeline Red and her mom Jessica Ryan waiting for him in the kitchen. Being such an open family it’s normal for them to share each...

FreeuseFantasy – Paying My Debt – Paisley Paige, Peter Green


When Peter Green’s partner Robert can’t come up with the money he owes him, he decides to send his daughter Paisley Paige as payment. Peter will use Paisley’s body however he wants until he feels like his friend’s deb...

FreeuseFantasy – A Most Satisfactory Stay – Mina Moon, Kimmy Kim, Duncan Saint


When Duncan Saint arrives at his room at the Freeuse Hotel, he is greeted by gorgeous Asian babes Mina Moon and Kimmy Kim. To his delightful surprise, they get to their knees as they inform him that newcomers always g...

FreeUseFantasy – I Got You If You Got Me – Hazel Heart, Alex Jett


Stepsiblings Alex Jett and Alyx Star have been living together along with Alyx’s best friend Hazel Heart. Lately, Hazel hasn’t been able to afford her half of the rent, so Alex offers to pay for it but only if she mak...

FreeUseFantasy – Trade For Answers – Dixie Lynn, Alice Pink, Johnny The Kid


After moving in with his stepsisters Alice Pink and Dixie Lunn, Johnny The Kid faces a lot of teasing. But one day Alice and Dixie have to take an online exam which Johnny has already aced, so they beg him to help the...

FreeUseFantasy – Keeping Him Entertained – Alex Coal, Stirling Cooper


After Olive Glass and Stirling Cooper hire babysitter Alex Coal, Olive notices that her husband is interested in Alex. Since Olive married Stirling only for his money, she needs to find ways of keeping him entertained...

FreeUseFantasy – Peculiar Tutoring – Diana Grace, Quinton James


Diana Grace has a very important exam on Monday that she needs to study for, so her mom hires Quinton James as her tutor. Quinton’s methods are a little peculiar but, as Diana will soon realize, he gets results!

FreeuseFantasy – Step Family Dinner – Kenna James, Kylie Kingston, Rion King, Johnny Castle


Johnny Castle’s step family Rion King, Kenna James and Kylie Kingston are always so proud of him and his accomplishments. At tonight’s step family dinner, they will all share a little bit more than expected.

FreeuseFantasy – Sharing Is Truly Caring – Savannah Sixx, Kit Mercer, Jon Rogue


Step dad Jon Rogue, mother Kit Mercer and daughter Savannah Sixx seem like a typical family at first glance, but soon you’ll realize that they have a very interesting dynamic. For the three of them, sharing is truly c...