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FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Furniture Party – Alexis Tae, Whitney Wright


When Alexis and Whitney arrive at their Airbnb they are impressed by the decorations and artistic furniture. The hard cocks of Dan, Jack, and Joshua are ready for the girls to play with. Alexis and Whitney waste no ti...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Haunted House – Charly Summer, Bianca Bangs, Brad Sterling


Charly and her friend Bianca are hanging out wearing their Halloween costumes and decorating the house when suddenly Bianca mentions that the house is rumored to be haunted. Charly starts feeling weird and suddenly he...

FreeuseFantasy – A Freeuse Home Is A Happy Home – Kiki Klout, JC Wilds, Donnie Rock


JC has the place looking spotless when she welcomes Kiki and Donnie back from their vacation, so they are both very pleased. Being a freeuse household, JC and Kiki waste no time in pulling their tits out and service D...

FreeuseFantasy – An Unusual Vacation – Chloe Surreal


When Austin and Chloe get double booked at Maximus’ Airbnb they both demand a discount for the inconvenience. Since this is a freeuse stay, the inconvenience is not that bad as Austin and Chloe get to fuck each other ...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Ghost – Gaby Ortega, Armani Dream, Nicky Dom


Armani and Gaby are grieving at their stepdad’s funeral, talking about how Peter was a great stepdad to them and keeping his spirit alive. A little too alive, because turns out Peter’s ghost is still around and is abl...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Delivery – Odette Fox, Charles Dera


When Charles orders a pizza for him and his buddy, he’s surprised to learn that there’s a special promo going on in which he can get a very special side order. A few minutes later, Odette is bringing the pizza and the...

FreeUseFantasy – Bienvenido – Summer Col, Slimthick Vic, Donnie


Slimthick and Donnie have a Spanish Professor, Summer, as a guest at their Airbnb, and they’re thrilled to get a few Spanish lessons! Lucky for Summer, this is a freeuse space which means she’s about to have the time ...

FreeUseFantasy – The Summoning – Leana Lovings, Mandy Waters


After Leana loses her dad in an accident, her mother, Mandy, gets married to a new man. Miles and Mandy console a grieving Leana, and Miles gives Leana a mysterious necklace that once belonged to her father. The neckl...

FreeuseFantasy – Skeet Scoutz Cookiez – Coco Lovelock, Haley Spades, Jack Vegas


Haley and Coco have tons of cookies to sell for their troupe. Their stepdad, Jack, is happy to help and is right by their side throughout the process. With a bit of time and effort, Haley and Coco have no issues selli...

FreeUseFantasy – Paying A Satisfying Visit – Fiji Falzz, Lilith Grace, Filthy Rich


Filthy Rich calls his stepdaughters Lilith and Fiji and asks them to come visit him, then he decides to take a little nap while he waits. When he wakes up, Fiji and Lilith are so excited to see him that they show him ...

FreeuseFantasy – The Draft: Full Focus Fantasy – Alex Coal, Oliver Faze


Alex can’t stop obsessing over her fantasy football draft, but Oliver is not so fond of her hobby. When he exclaims he can’t deal with her lack of interest in him, she strikes up a deal that Oliver can’t refuse –– if ...

FreeuseFantasy – Three’s Good Company – Gianna Dior, April Olsen, Donnie Rock


After her parents get her a small mansion for her 18th birthday, April finds the perfect freeuse couple to have as roommates Gianna and Donnie. After they get stuck indoors because of Covid, they figure out the best w...

FreeuseFantasy – How To Handle His Snake – Yumi Sin, Fit Kitty, Brad Sterling


Brad and Yumi call snake expert Fit Kitty when they spot a snake in their backyard. Yumi tells Kitty exactly where she saw the snake, meanwhile Brad gets a helping of both their tits. Finally, Kitty uses Brad’s cock t...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Perv Tutor – Samantha Reigns, Octavia Red, Donnie Rock


School tutor Donnie is tasked with helping Samantha and Octavia study for their upcoming tests, but the girls have a hard time paying attention. Donnie tries different techniques, all while feeling the girls up and fu...

FreeUseFantasy – Free Using For Salvation – Willow Ryder, JC Wilds, Tony Rubino


Religious schoolgirls JC and Willow get caught watching porn by their teacher Tony who lectures them while also feeling them up. In this freeuse academy the girls must learn to respect the rules as well as how to suck...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Bootcamp – Dani Blu, Callie Black


Cadets Callie and Dani have been worked hard by their superior Sergeant Vega. After a brutal day of training they find a letter stating that they’ve both moved up rank and are now the Sergeant’s bosses, which means it...

FreeuseFantasy – Equality Free Use – Kimmy Kimm, Aubree Valentine, Will Tile


Kimmy is so excited for her first pride celebration and is getting ready with her friends Aubree and Will. All of them are wearing colorful outfits with easy access, so it doesn’t take long for them to start fucking e...

FreeuseFantasy – Day Dreamer: Part 1 – Liz Jordan, Demi Hawks


Day Dreamer: A Liz Jordan Mini-Series [Part 1 of 3] - Liz, Demi, and Oliver sit through Mr. White’s boring lecture, and before she realizes it, Liz passes out in class. The lesson is crucial, so Liz needs all the help...

FreeuseFantasy – Feeling the Room: A Shoot Your Shot Extended Cut – Penelope Kay, Charley Hart, Willow Ryder


This Freeuse Fantasy update is an extended cut from the Shoot Your Shot movie. The time has come for Penelope’s big presentation, and she wants to make sure it is an absolute success. Her co-host, James, helps Penelop...

FreeuseFantasy – The Winner Takes All – Freya von Doom, Peter Green


Freya loves to make a mess but doesn’t like cleaning the mess up. Peter and Freya make a deal over a game of pool, and whoever wins doesn't have to clean for a month. But the games played at this house are a little di...

FreeuseFantasy – Take It From a Milf – Penelope Kay, Charley Hart, Leana Lovings, Willow Ryder, Eden West, Nicky Rebel


Charley is a fantastic leader who always looks out for the best interest of her employees. When Nicky has been falling behind at work, Charley calls him into her office for a chat. Charley wants to get to the bottom o...

FreeuseFantasy – Frees Company – Jane Rogers, Minxx Marley


Jane, Minxx, and Joshua’s lives are just like anyone else's - together, they get into goofy antics and bicker constantly. But when it comes to fucking, sex is on the table 24/7, no questions asked.

FreeuseFantasy – Dating Again – Shay Sights, Jasmine Wilde, Donnie Rock


Donnie is Shay’s new date, and when her stepdaughter Jasmine welcomes him home, he immediately starts fucking her pussy! Jasmine then sends her stepmom off on her date and later finds that it was really successful. Do...

FreeuseFantasy – Rion’s New Girlfriend – Britt Blair, Rion King


Maximus has heard all about Rion’s new girlfriend, Britt, and is beyond excited to meet her for the first time. Britt is game for anything any time and lets Rion use her to his fullest fantasy.

FreeuseFantasy – My Favorite Customer – Kenzie Anne, Charles Dera


Kenzie is always hard at work at her restaurant job and always looks forward to seeing her favorite customer, Charles. When Charles comes in for a special lunch with Leda, Kenzie knows she must make this an unforgetta...

FreeuseFantasy – Oui, Oui! – Anya Olsen, Anissa Kate, Donnie Rock


Anya is obsessed with France, and so her stepdad Donnie signs her up for french lessons with the sexy Anissa. Both Anya and Donnie are quick to fall in love with the french beaut, and don’t have any issues when it com...

FreeuseFantasy – Stretch Your Body – Caitlin Bell, Eve Marlow, Donnie Rock


In this segment of Freeuse News, reporter Cailtin gives us the inside exclusive on yoga techniques that help reduce stress. To help her, yoga instructor Eve demonstrates the different ways you can move your body to al...

FreeuseFantasy – He Always Has My Back – Ryder Rey, Lilith Grace, Sergeant Miles


Lilith brings her friend Ryder home from school, and her step-dad Sergeant quickly gets distracted from his work. It doesn’t take long for Lilith to convince him to let them go to the beach and spend the night togethe...

FreeuseFantasy – Naked and Viral – Dixie Lynn, Alice Visby, Nicky Rebel


Bffs Alice and Dixie are recording themselves doing some dances and online challenges to become viral. Once lucky stud Nicky joins them, things get naked and dirty which makes them go viral in no time!

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Book Club – Jazmin Luv, Penelope Kay, Bella Forbes, Peter Green


Bella, Jazmin, and Penelope love spending time together discussing their favorite books. Penelope’s boyfriend, Peter, also loves the all-girl book club because they let him have his way any time he wants it. As the tr...

FreeuseFantasy – Dick Is Up For Grabs – Madison Morgan, Nicky Rebel


After getting broken up with, Madison goes to her best friend Jackie’s house to get a little bit of comfort. Jackie immediately suggest that they go out partying to forget about his dumb ex, and this is when Jackie’s ...

FreeuseFantasy – Bubble Butt Problems – Harley King, Rion King


Harley King hates doing chores around the house because her bubble butt lands her in a ton of predicaments. Her stepfamily is used to it and always ends up helping Harley out of sticky situations—Rion is especially he...

FreeuseFantasy – Take This Cake – Mia Kay, Lola Mai, Sergeant Miles


Lola Mai is the sweetest stepsis you could ask for and wants to bake a cake for Mia Kay’s birthday. Their stepdad, Sergeant Miles, is in on the surprise and wants to help Lola in any way he can. When Mia’s birthday fi...

FreeuseFantasy – The Anytime Influencers – Gia Dibella, Nicole Doshi, Charles Dera


Gia Dibella and Nicole Doshi have an adoring following and love working together on their influencer videos. Nicole’s cameraman, Charles Dera, loves his job because he can have Nicole, and by extension, Gia, anytime h...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Tutor – Harper Red, Mike Avery, Nicky Rebel


In a desperate situation, Mike Avery enlists the help of a tutor, Harper Red, to bring his son’s grades up. Nicky Rebel is a fast learner with Harper around, and she goes to any length necessary to help Nicky see impr...

FreeuseFantasy – Curious Roommate – Fiona Frost, Minxx Marley, Nicky Rebel


When Minxx Marley moves to Miami she doesn’t have a place to stay so she decides to call her old friend Fiona Frost and see if she could stay with her and her boyfriends Nicky Rebel. They are happy to have her stay ov...

FreeuseFantasy – Coach’s Words of Wisdom – Gia Dibella, Summer Vixen, Charles Dera


Gia and Summer are ready for their new boxing class, but after meeting coach Charles Dera that enjoys supreme authority over his students, the rules have changed, and both newcomers are in store for a lot more than th...

FreeuseFantasy – Hard at Work – Quinn Waters, Harper Red, Tony Rubino


Harper Red is new to the office, and Quinn Waters is responsible for getting her acclimated to their work environment. Their boss, Tony Rubino, has supreme authority over his employees, but the women all seem to love ...

FreeuseFantasy – What Are Best Friend’s For – Lily Larimar, Brad Sterling


Brad Sterling talks to his girlfriend Lindsey Lane about how he has a very high sex drive and she doesn’t really satisfy him as much as he’d like. Lindsey has an idea of what to do to help out Brad, which is why she c...

FreeuseFantasy – The Tutor’s Reward – Lacey London, James Cameron, Nicky Rebel


James Cameron is having trouble with his grades, so Lacey London suggests he take on help from Nicky Rebel, a known brainiac. James is hesitant, calling Nicky a nerd, but with no other choice, James calls Nicky for af...

FreeuseFantasy – Fuck and Bake – Alex Coal, Marcus London


Alex Coal has brought in lucky stud Marcus London to help her cook some chocolate chip cookies for her Youtube channel. As she prepares the cookies, Marcus has the freedom to touch her stunning body and bang her silly!

FreeuseFantasy – The Season For Believing – Victoria June, Johnny The Kid, Nicky Rebel, Danny Steele


Danny Steele, Nicky Rebel, and Johnny the Kid have been stuck at the orphanage forever, and all they want this year are sweet mommy jugs. It’s a Christmas miracle when Victoria June shows up and offers her body to the...

FreeuseFantasy – Our Friend Ivy – Ailee Anne, Ivy Reid, Peter Green


Ivy Reid is in town to visit Ailee Anne and Peter Green, and they’re getting more and more excited by the minute. When Ivy is around, everyone is bound to have a good time. It’ll be an entire weekend of fucking whenev...

FreeuseFantasy – Temporary Girlfriend – Blake Blossom, James Angel


Blake Blossom is staying with James Angel for a while at the request of James’ girlfriend. But there is one issue—James’ girlfriend is leaving him. Now, Blake and James are together in this house in a bit of an awkwar...

FreeUseFantasy – A Day In The Freeuse Life – Angel Youngs, Nicky Rebel


Stepsiblings Angel Youngs and Nicky Rebel have a pretty normal life, except they live in a freeuse household, which means they have a really close physical relationship with each other. Their stepmom Lolly Dames encou...

FreeUseFantasy – Learning To Freeuse – Krystal Davis, Gia Dibella, Rion King


When Rion King asks his girlfriend Gia DiBella permission to touch her, she turns him away and breaks up with him. Rion’s stepmom Krystal Davis notices how upset he is so he talks to him and tells him that men know wh...

FreeuseFantasy – Freeuse Games – Kay Lovely, Lilith Moaningstar, Nade Nasty


Gamer stepsiblings Nade Nasty and Kay Lovely challenge their stepmom Lilith Moaningstar to a video game match. While Kay plays against Lilith, Nade pulls his cock out and starts fucking Kay’s mouth, which causes her t...

FreeUseFantasy – After School Stepdad Special – Bella Jane, Lina Flex, Peter Green


College girl Lina Flex introduces her stepdad, Peter Green, to her new friend from school, Bella Jane. Peter thinks Bella is great but is more excited to see Lina. Bella quickly learns that the dynamic the two have is...