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MyBabysittersClub – Sleeping on the Job – XxLayna Marie, Peter Green


When Peter Green is in dire need of a babysitter, he calls the company and they send a new girl xxLayna Marie. Peter leaves xxLayna in charge of his son while he’s out, but as soon as she gets left alone, she lays dow...

MyBabysittersClub – Celestina’s Eiffel Tower – Celestina Blooms, Anthony Pierce, Matt Cash


Anthony Pierce is home alone for the weekend, and although he is far too old for a babysitter, his parents seek the help of Celestina Blooms to watch over him while they are away. Anthony tells his friend, Matt Cash, ...

MyBabysittersClub – Best On The Block – Angel Youngs, Gunnar Stone


Gunnar Stone is in desperate need of a babysitter for his son while he goes out on business, so he calls Angel Youngs, offering to triple her pay if she does the job. Angel agrees, and after putting young Jimmy to sle...

MyBabysittersClub – Hands-On Comfort – Zerella Skies, Bobby Beefcakes


When Bobby’s babysitter Zerella Skies sees that he’s been laid off, she offers to comfort him with a very hands-on method… a handjob and after some persuasion, maybe a little bit more.

MyBabysittersClub – Backup Plan – Scarlett Hampton, Mike Mancini


Artemisia Love is unhappy with their babysitter, Scarlett Hampton, and asks her husband, Mike Mancini, to fire her. When Mike goes to fire Scarlett, she does everything in her power to keep her job. She changes Mike’s...

MyBabysittersClub – Reliable Lily – Lily Larimar, Brock Cooper


Sweet babysitter, Lily Larimar, offers to go the extra mile for a tired, hard-working Brock Cooper—after a long day at the office, he wants a hot shower and a nap. What was supposed to be a few extra hours at the hous...

MyBabySittersClub – Extra Work – Natalia Nix, Bobby Beefcakes


Natalia Nix is thinking of ways she could make some extra money to buy herself a car, but she’s coming up short. Bobby Beefcakes, the father of the kid she babysits, offers to pay her double if she can help him with s...

MyBabysittersClub – Bold Offer – Laney Grey, Donnie Rock


Donnie Rock comes home, expecting to find babysitter Laney Grey putting the baby to sleep, but instead he walks in on her filming a video while dancing naked. Laney apologizes and explains this is something she has to...

MyBabysittersClub – Locked In with Temptation – Ada Vera, Peter Green


Dedicated step dad Peter Green has let his babysitter Ada Vera stay with him and his daughter during the lockdown due to quarantine. There’s always been sexual tension between the two, but they’ve been able to keep it...

MyBabySittersClub – Klepto Babysitter Gets Caught – Kylie Quinn, Johnny The Kid


Johnny The Kid welcomes babysitter Kylie Quinn into his home where she’s meant to take care of Johnny’s little brother, but Johnny immediately recognizes her from school and remembers how she was rumored to be a klept...

MyBabysittersClub – Babysitter’s Side Hustle – Adriana Jade, Johnny The Kid


Johnny The Kid is not too happy about his parents getting a babysitter for him, and when Adriana Jade shows up with a list of chores for him, he reluctantly gets to work. Later, he overhears Adriana making some pretty...

MyBabySittersClub – Grateful Babysitter – Carmen Rae, Preston Parker


Cute Carmen Rae has been babysitting for Preston Parker for a while now, and he notices that her home life is kind of rough since she’s always walking back home by herself. Carmen confesses that her dad doesn’t pay an...

MyBabySittersClub – Babysitting For A Kinky Couple – Maggie Green, Bailey Base, Jax Slayher


Kinky couple Maggie Green and Jay Slayher hire Bailey Base as a babysitter while they take a night out, but before leaving, they make it very clear that she should stay away from their room. After Bailey gets a call f...

MyBabysittersClub – Babysitter Deserves More – Madi Laine, Stirling Cooper


Madi Laine is a stellar babysitter, and Mr. Stirling Cooper knows this well which is why he decides to pay her a little extra for all her hard work. Madi feels super appreciative, so on her next visit she makes sure t...

MyBabySittersClub – Innocent Babysitter Has A Charitable Pussy – Charity Crawford, Jerry


Charity Crawford is the epitome of the wholesome and hot girl next door you dream about doing nasty things to. Charity gets a babysitting job call from Mr. Kovac who is also the owner of a swank hotel on the strip. Sh...

MyBabySittersClub – Peeking In The Shower – Arya Fae, Marcus London


Arya Faye is one of the hottest teen babysitters working at the Babysitter‘s Club. She takes a call from a frantic dad who needs a last minute babysitter. Arya arrives wearing skimpy jeans and very tight top that show...

MyBabySittersClub – Making Hard Decisions – Sally Squirt, Sean Lawless


When it comes to straight shooters, thats Sally Squirt! She would never do anything to risk her job as a babysitter. Its what she loves to do, plus she cant have kids so this is the closest she will ever get to be a m...

MyBabysittersClub – Blindfolding The Babysitter – Morgan Lee, Mario Rossi


Mrs. Scott has heard wonderful things about the babysitters club! She decided to book a sitter for the house. She was lucky enough to get the super attractive and tiny Morgan, whos also great with kids! Turns out Mrs....