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NotMyGrandpa – Earning the Inheritance – Paige Owens, Jay Crew


Young and bubbly Paige Owens may seem sweet, but she begins to devise a plan when she learns her step-grandfather is loaded. Jay Crew quickly picks up on what she’s doing and puts together a little scheme of his own. ...

NotMyGrandpa – Long Lost Step-Pa – Lacey London, Jack Moore


Lacey London learns about her secret stepgrandfather, Jack Moore. He welcomes her with open arms and invites her to stay with him rather than at a hotel. But Jack walks in on Lacey masturbating and is brought back to ...

NotMyGrandpa – Decuntaminated! – Zerella Skies, Evan Stone


Evan Stone is a bit of a germaphobe, to say the least, and when he gets a visit from his step-granddaughter, Zerella Skies, he is even more on edge than usual. After spraying her down and decontaminating everything in...

NotMyGrandpa – Anything For Pap-Pa – Taylor Blake, Filthy Rich


Taylor Blake’s step-grandpa Filthy Rich has been mistaking her for someone else and is requesting a much-needed old-fashioned handy. Willing to go the distance, Taylor obliges his wishes, and he’s feeling much better....

NotMyGrandpa – StepGrandpa Discovers The Internet – Madi Collins, Filthy Rich


Young cutie Madi Collins visits her stepgrandpa Filthy Rich to spend some time with him, but when she pulls out her laptop and asks to connect to the wifi, stepgrandpa is clueless as to what the internet is, so Madi s...

NotMyGrandpa – Doing My Part – Capri Lmonde, Bruno Sx


Bruno Sx is concerned about his lazy step-granddaughter, Capri Lmonde, and tells her she has to do more around the house. When she gets stuck in the laundry room, Bruno has to save Capri, but when he grabs her, she no...

NotMyGrandpa – Nicole Sage’s Poke Her Night – Nicole Sage, Evan Stone, Filthy Rich, Marcus London


Nicole Sage is helping her step grandpa with poker night - by being the dealer, and helping him cheat and rake in the winnings. When her step grandpa’s friends figure out how he’s been winning all this time, trouble b...

NotMyGrandpa – Bad Habits – Aften Opal, Evan Stone


Evan Stone loves eating junk food, drinking and smoking, but his stepgrandaughter Aften Opal is doing everything she can to try and correct his bad habits. Evan is tired of her always meddling and not allowing him to ...

NotMyGrandpa – Where There’s A Will… There’s A Way – Harlow West, Jay Crew


Harlow West decides to visit her stepgrandpa Jay Crew and see if he needs help around the house, secretly she just wants to be put into his will so that she can get his huge house when he passes. Jay overhears her pla...

NotMyGrandpa – How Stepgrandpa Got His Groove Back – Dani Blu, Filthy Rich


After his wife’s passing, Filthy Rich is ready to get out and start dating some young women, but when he comes back having struck out every time, he finds comfort in his sweet stepgrandaughter Dani Blu. Dani helps her...

NotMyGrandpa – Itty Bitty Bikini – Nella Jones, Rusty Nails


When Nella Jones visits her stepgrandpa Rusty Nails he can barely recognize her because of how much she's grown up. Nella spends her time taking naughty pictures for the internet and when stepgrandpa catches her in th...

NotMyGrandpa – Extract the Truth from Me Step Granddad – Cecelia Taylor, Marcus London


Bored alone at home, Cecelia Taylor does a little exploring and finds something she wasn’t supposed to see. She reads the book and finds out her dad is adopted, so she starts asking her step grandfather some questions...

NotMyGrandpa – Mark of the Beast – Jackie Hoff, Jay Crew


When Jay Crew’s stepgrandaughter Jackie Hoff comes home wearing a mask, he fears that she’s being influenced by the leftists’ mind games so he decides to do some further research about it. Pretty soon Jay falls down t...

NotMyGrandpa – Surprise Sugar Baby – Alyssa Bounty


When Alyssa Bounty knocks on her stepgrandfather’s door she begs him to let her stay with him given that she can’t live with her dad anymore. Stepgrandpa Bruno welcomes Alyssa into his home and loves having such a bea...

NotMyGrandpa – Stepgrandpa Teaches Me To Fish – Mia Moore, Jack Vegas


Jack Vegas takes his stepdaughter Mia Moore to go fishing and when they come back with a big fish that they caught, Jack tries to teach Mia how to clean it. Jack instructs Mia to cover her eyes and just feel the fish,...

NotMyGrandpa – Cured His Blindness – Ava Madison, Filthy Rich


When Ava Madison visits her stepgrandpa Filthy Rich she notices that his eyes aren’t doing very well and he seems to have lost his sight completely. Stepgrandpa tells Ava to make herself comfortable so she goes to tak...

NotMyGrandpa – Stepgrandpa’s Blue Balls – Lola Fae, Jay Crew


When blondie Lola Fae visits her stepgrandpa Jay Crew, she wasn’t expecting him to be so pervy towards her. After he reveals that due to an accident with the toilet his balls are actually blue now, Lola decides to hel...

NotMyGrandpa – Were You Peeping, Pop pop? – Sofie Reyez, Jack Moore


When Sofie Reyez visits her stepgrandpa Jack Moore, she notices that pop pop keeps creeping and peeping on her. Sofie doesn’t really care about age so she ends up seducing Pop Pop and riding that huge cock.

NotMyGrandpa – Stepgrandpa’s Entertainment – Alexia Anders, Filthy Rich


When Alexia Anders visits her stepgrandfather Filthy Rich, she wasn’t expecting to find adult entertainment in an old book in the basement. But soon, she’s playing with herself as her stepgrandpa creeps on her. After ...

NotMyGrandpa – Stepgrandpa To The Rescue – Sia Lust, Filthy Rich


When Sia Lust has a fight with her dad about how she dresses he ends up taking away her car keys, so she goes to her stepgrandfather Filthy Rich to complain. Stepgrandpa Rich wants to help out Sia so he offers to lend...

NotMyGrandpa – Mischevious Senior – Elena Koshka, Marcus London


After Elena Koshka got in some trouble with the law she was forced to volunteer at a senior care center as part of her parole. That’s where she’s paired with old dude Marcus London, who is so mischievous that he refus...

NotMyGrandpa – Dying Man’s Wish – Gabriela Lopez, Evan Stone


Exotic young nurse Gabriela Lopez is taking care of a terminal patient, old man Evan Stone. As she’s adjusting his pillow for him she discovers he has a bucket list, and when she notices what the only thing he’s missi...

NotMyGrandpa – Grandpa’s Bedtime Story – Lily Glee, Filthy Rich


When Lily Glee is in bed due to being sick, she’s pleasantly surprised by a visit from her grandpa. All he wants is to make her feel better, so he brings a book and starts reading it to her as a bedtime story. After L...

NotMyGrandpa – Stepgrandpa’s Cat – Alita Lee, Tommy Gunn


Alita Lee gets dropped off at her stepgrandpa Tommy Gunn’s house after school and she accidentally leaves the door wide open. Tommy starts calling out for his cat, Ms Puss, but when she doesn’t turn up he realizes tha...

NotMyGrandpa – Loud Grandaughter – Emma Hix, Evan Stone


Evan Stone just wants some peace and quiet, but his grandaughter Emma Hix just wants to blast her music. Emma knows the perfect way to get what she wants, and for that she’s gonna have to please grandaddy Evan.

NotMyGrandpa – Lotto Winner – Vanessa Sky, Marcus London


When Vanessa Sky is visiting her stepgrandpa Marcus London, he realizes that she’s a little golddigger so he concocts a plan to trick her into thinking he just won the lottery. Vanessa believes him, and immediately of...

NotMyGrandpa – Grandpa’s Advice – Brixley Benz, Jack Vegas


When Brixley Benz visits her grandfather Jack Vegas, she starts complaining about how immature the boys at school always are, she confesses that she needs to be with a mature man. Jack wastes no time in taking care of...

NotMyGrandpa – Grandpa’s Huge Problem – Alona Bloom, Sera Ryder, Evan Stone


When Sera Ryder gets home she finds her grandpa Evan Stone with a surprising problem under his pants. Sera is worried about how it might affect his health, so she calls her friend Alona Bloom over to ask her for advic...

NotMyGrandpa – Grandpas Terms – Jazmin Luv, Tommy Gunn


When Jazmin Luv was staying over with her grandfather Tommy Gunn, she wasn’t expecting to be sweating all the time. Turns out her grandpa doesn’t allow anyone to mess with the A/C, so she makes him an offer that will ...

NotMyGrandpa – Can I Stay Granpa – Jessie Saint, Filthy Rich


Jessie Saint’s grandpa has been bugging her about not doing anything productive with her life, and she fears he might kick her out if she doesn’t do something soon. So she goes online to look for jobs but she gets a b...

NotMyGrandpa – Grandpas Muscle Memory – Kenna James, Evan Stone


Kenna James is working out when suddenly her grandpa Evan Stone walks in on her and offers to give her some tips on how to properly work out. After picking her up he ends up throwing his back, so Kenna helps him rub s...