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Vixen – Voluptuous Blonde Blake Rewards Her Boyfriend – Blake Blossom, Vince Karter


Romance, adventure, spontaneity... they go together like blonde, busty, and beautiful. Blake has landed in a dream relationship, and a woman will let herself go wild for the right man. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Surf Bunnies Bella Kelly Christy Seduce Instructor – Bella Spark, Kelly Collins, Christy White, Alberto Blanco


Surf bunnies Bella, Christy, and Kelly have a friendly competition: they all want to catch their instructor's eye. But a series of wipe-outs make them rethink the big kahuna of their blonde ambition. Cowabunga! Direct...

Vixen – Gorgeous Man Eater Cherry Meets Her Match – Cherry Kiss, Quinton James


Cherry treats men like toys, until she meets one who turns the tables. Now this blonde is getting treated like a trophy... but she'll be the one doing the polishing. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Insatiable Azul Ditches Hubby At Resort For Stranger – Azul Hermosa, Vince Karter


Azul looks like the perfect wife, but it's easy for a woman to keep secrets these days. Her husband has no idea what's going on in her phone, or who is putting ideas in her head about straying... Directed By: Laurent ...

Vixen – On Pointe – Nancy Ace, Martin X


Nancy moves like an angel when she practices ballet, until an injury makes practicing her personal hell. If her physical therapist can loosen her up in time for opening night, Nancy might give him a private performanc...

Vixen – Wagered Affairs – Eve Sweet, Agatha Vega, Alberto Blanco, Matthew Meier


Eve and Agatha might be married, but their friendly competition with each other runs deeper. On every trip they take, these two make a bet, and every time they raise the stakes... Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Double Edged Sword – Octavia Red, Vince Karter


Octavia's husband keeps his strawberry-blonde trophy wife waiting and waiting while he travels... it's a good thing absence makes the cleft grow wetter. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Flawless Blonde Bella is The Ultimate Temptress – Bella Spark, Christian Clay


Everybody needs to have a hustle: Bella sure is making a lot of money babysitting, and her client can't seem to figure out why this young temptress won't keep her eyes - or her hands - off of him. Directed By: Julia G...

Vixen – Pornstar Jia Gives Into Her Real Lust For Co star – Jia Lissa, Vince Karter


Improv sex with Jia and Vince. Oh my! Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Feisty Drama Queen Alina Loves Passionate Make Up Sex – Alina Lopez, Seth Gamble


Alina deserves a man who will gaze upon her glory, so why hook up with a guy who gives all his attention to work? Because nothing makes Alina wet like drama... Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – In Blume Part 1 – Eva Blume, Marco Bull


Eva is engaged to be married, but her life has shrunk to the size of a ring box. Before she walks down any aisle, she's going rogue in Portugal on a journey of self-discovery bursting with sexual excitement. Part 1 of...

Vixen – Sweet Tooth – Molly Little, Chris Diamond


When Molly sees something she likes, the boss's daughter turns temptress. It isn't technically workplace sexual harassment if she isn't employed at the office... or if her target wants to eat his lunch from between Mo...

Vixen – Party Girl Vanessa Betrays Family For A Bad Boy – Vanessa Alessia, Alex Charger


Vanessa is a modern-day Juliet, betraying her family for a guy she just met. But their vendetta only makes that forbidden fruit all the sweeter... Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Payload – Kendra Sunderland, Chris Diamond


Kendra doesn't like waiting up for her man to come home from.. whatever it is he's doing. She's doesn't ask where his money comes from, she just knows she loves fucking on a mattress covered in cash. Directed By: Laur...

Vixen – Background Action – Gizelle Blanco, Alex Jones


After work, a career woman escapes her routine with anonymous sex at the cinema. When a stranger requests a repeat performance, Gizelle has to up the stakes in the second act. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Flawless Beauty Vanna Has Insatiable Sexual Appetite – Vanna Bardot, Dan Damage


Before a big shoot, Vanna likes to blow off steam. She has her eye on her bodyguard, and her heart set on heading off to Miami with a bang. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Stunning Lia Has Passionate Sex With Secret Admirer – Lia Lin


Lia leads a quiet life, until a secret admirer incites a chase. Lia can't resist a mystery, so she plays along by dressing up and going on the hunt.

Vixen – Wildin – Barbie Rous, Christian Clay


Barbie's modelling career is about to blow up, but to get results she needs to go a little rogue. Soon she'll be a global superstar, but for now she's causing a local scandal. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Lawyer Vs Pro Part 3 – Lilly Bell, Anya Olsen, Maximo Garcia


Anya and Lilly have to burn the midnight oil. Luckily, the senior partner takes care of her employees, and she's hooking these two luscious litigators up with a man who puts the "firm" in law firm. Directed By: Lauren...

Vixen – Provocations – Ada Lapiedra, Christian Clay


Is a cigar ever just a cigar? Ada's not happy about working on her day off, and taking liberties with his property could be her way of forcing a confrontation that allows them to improve their professional relationshi...

Vixen – Lawyer Vs Pro Part 2 – Jade Kush, Maximo Garcia


Jade can't seem to focus, and if this lawyer going to avoid burnout before she goes to trial, she'll have to give her brain a rest and find a man who can heat up her body. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Sticky Fingers Part 1 – Sirena Milano, Alex Charger


Some hospitality: Sirena's robbing the guests at this hotel blind. But she's not in it for the money, she's in it for the adrenaline spike. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Professional Conduct – Amber Moore, Maximo Garcia


Amber is a model and has eyes for the art director on her latest shoot. Of course, she can't stay professional for like 3 seconds. Cmon Amber! Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Laps – Evelin Elle, Alberto Blanco


Evelin has to keep her head in the game if she's going to win her next meet, but she's crushing on another swimmer, and she can't help dipping herself into trouble's deep end. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Outlaws Share One Last Night Of Passion – Christy White, Marco Bull


Christy's been a bad girl, and now she's a lover on the run. If the law is going to come for her eventually, she's going to live it up in the meantime. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Lawyer vs Pro Part 1 – Queenie Sateen, Maximo Garcia


Queenie's no-nonsense lifestyle applies to everything she interacts with. Work, play, and especially sex. Sparing no expense, she makes sure everything that crosses her path is worth her time. Maximo dares to accept t...

Vixen – Beautiful Tourist Has Passionate Outdoor Sex – Little Angel, Leo Gaffer


Angel is in Sardinia on vacation. She loves the ocean but only has limited experience with it. She goes snorkelling and when there she spots the attention of a local fisherman. When they talk, she finds out they are f...

Vixen – Designer Fun Part 2 – Valentina Nappi, Maximo Garcia


Fashionista Valentina isn't pleased with her personnel, but maybe he can change the boss's mind and impress her with his staff. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – In Vogue Part 4 – Emiri Momota, Vince Karter


Competition puts us in desperate positions: Emiri want to be top model, and she'll do anything, anyone to win the crown. Part 4 of 5. Part 5 hits the runway on TUSHY. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – In Vogue Part 1 – Kelly Collins, Apolonia Lapiedra, Marco Bull


Fashion, flirtation, catfights: Kelly comes to Paris to make it as a model, only to find her dreams dashed in the face of competition. A chance encounter with a mysterious mogul keeps her hanging on by a thread. Part ...

Vixen – Thrill Seeking Baddie Takes What She Wants – Chanel Camryn, Maximo Garcia


Chanel's career? Cat burglary. Her favourite pastime? Sex with the possibility of getting caught. And this pocket rocket always mixes business with pleasure. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Petite model loves seducing married men – Lily Blossom, Christian Clay


Lily isn't into young guys. She likes mature, married guys. Make him a father for extra bonus points. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Club Vixen Part 3 – Matty Perez, Vince Karter


Matty's man has no libido, so she finds a high-octane outlet for her sex drive: Club VXN. The club has a clandestine encounter planned for Matty, with a man who will give her everything she needs before her boyfriend ...

Vixen – Indecision – Queenie Sateen, Chris Diamond


With her looks and attitude, Queenie has all kinds of knights ready to kneel at her throne. If her current husband complains about anything, she can always dial up an ex for some swordplay. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Persuasion – Kira Noir, Vince Karter


To close a sale, Kira will have to drive a wedge between the couple on the market for a house. Kira has the confidence to close, and once their ink is on the dotted line she'll take her signing bonus. Directed By: Jul...

Vixen – Exhibitionistic – Vanessa Alessia, Alberto Blanco


Vanessa and her neighbor don't have much to say to each other, but she has seen him in action, and that's all she needs to know. Vanessa likes to be the centre of attention, and this guy can help her put on a hell of ...

Vixen – High Note – Olivia Jay, Maximo Garcia


Olivia is a consummate professional who always keeps it above board with her colleagues, but after her final shoot with one of her models this photographer decides to hit below the belt. Directed By: Derek Dozer.

Vixen – Heaven – Christy White, Alberto Blanco


Christy takes her adventures off the beaten path. Getting in touch with nature means letting instinct guide her... and it always seems to lead her toward physical passion. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – The Best Life – Jill Kassidy, Maximo Garcia


Jill's relationship isn't 50/50, it's 100/100: when her man pampers her, she spoils him in return. At the bare minimum, a special surprise from him merits a mind-melting sexual performance from Jill.

Vixen – 24 Hours Part 3 – Rae Lil Black, Agatha Vega, Alberto Blanco


Back home, Rae plays it shy and conservative. But for 24 hours every vacation, she's somebody's sex kitten. This time her benefactor has altered the deal and brought along Agatha, but Rae can be very accommodating. Di...

Vixen – Club Vixen Part 2 – Eve Sweet, Vince Karter


While vacationing with her boyfriend, Eve receives a call for a clandestine encounter with Club VXN... and her friend's boyfriend. Eve gets aggressive, but she's not all that angry.

Vixen – Bodyguard – Violet Myers, Maximo Garcia


Now that Violet's blowing up, she's attracting all kinds of attention, some of it unwanted. Thankfully, she has a bodyguard to look after all of her needs. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – I Love Paris – Jia Lissa, Seth Gamble


Ravishing red hair and sapphire eyes... Jia is a jewel of a girlfriend, and her ruby lips give one hell of a French kiss. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Outpouring – Rika Fane, Vince Karter


Rika's rich boyfriend thinks her love language is expensive gifts. His groundskeeper doesn't even speak her language, but he understands the way to get through to her is intense sexual attention. Directed By: Julia Gr...

Vixen – Secret Side – Mia Nix, Chris Diamond


When Mia's in the mood she needs it now. Since her husband isn't making time for her, the nearest neighbor might do. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Lucrative Offer – Vic Marie, Oliver Flynn


Vic drives a hard bargain, and she wants a man who drives just as hard. Vic always gets what she wants... all it takes is an offer no man can refuse. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Instant Infatuation – Jaylah De Angelis, Alberto Blanco


Do you believe in love at first sight? Jaylah caught a married man's eye, and she's definitely experiencing infatuation in a glance. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Making My Mark – Xxlayna Marie, Maximo Garcia


Xxlayna has found something she loves to do... but when she loses her job, maybe she can negotiate to keep its biggest perk. Directed By: Laurent Sky.