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SpyFam – Watchful Stepdad – Sophia Sultry, Brock Cooper


Stepdad catches Sophia sneaking in after going out all night. She sucks and fucks her stepdad to keep him quiet.

DadCrush – Silence is Golden – Sophia Leone, Ike Diezel


After Sophia Leone gets in trouble with her stepdad, Ike Diezel, she needs to bribe him in exchange for his silence. But the deal quickly escalates past just one incident. Soon, Sophia is bribing Ike regularly, and lu...

DadCrush – Did You Get My Text? – Zerella Skies, Brother Love


Zerella Skies loves being naughty but loves teasing her horny stepdad, Brother Love, even more. After Zerella sends her stepdad a lude photo, he can’t get her off of his mind. Soon, Zerella finds a way to get precisel...

DadCrush – Vivian’s Punishment Plan – Vivian Fox, Bobby Beefcakes


Vivian Fox has been a naughty girl and needs to be punished to the fullest extent—her stepdad, Bobby Beefcakes, is just the man for the job. Using an array of various hardcore punishments, Bobby will teach Vivian a le...

DadCrush – Learning From Your Mistakes – Mae Milano, Filthy Rich


After Mae Milano gets in trouble at school, Filthy Rich sits down with her to discuss her behavior. Mae has been seeing a boy in the bathrooms and confesses her naughtiness to Filthy. Mae is so horny that she can’t he...

DadCrush – Give Me Comfort, Give Me Dick – Kiara Cole, Bobby Beefcakes


Kiara Cole is going through a rough time, but luckily her stepdad, Bobby Beefcakes, knows how to comfort her. When Kiara misunderstands Bobby’s comfort, she comes onto him, and he can’t resist her supple young body. T...

DadCrush – Bad Stepdaughter – Nina Pink, Ike Diezel


Nina Pink asks her stepdad Ike Diezel for some money to go buy a new outfit at the mall; when she comes back Ike demands that she try on what she got for him. Later, Nina asks Ike if he could drive her to the farmacy ...

DadCrush – Guest of Boner – Lana Sharapova, Ike Diezel


When Lana Sharapova comes knocking on her stepdad Ike Diezel’s door, he discovers that her boyfriend kicked her out so she now needs a place to stay. Ike remembers the naughty things they would secretly do so he’s exc...

DadCrush – Cum On, Stepdad – Lily Lou, Bobby Beefcakes


When fitness babe Lily Lou notices how her stepdad Bobby Beefcakes keeps having unhealthy habits, she steps in and starts teaching him a few tricks to follow a healthy regimen. Turns out Bobby still needs some motivat...

DadCrush – She Earned The Keys Back – XxLayna Marie, Filthy Rich


After Filthy Rich discovers that his stepdaughter XxLayna Marie got a speeding ticket while driving his car, he decides to take the keys from her and force her to earn them back. Turns out the only way to get those ke...

DadCrush – Stepdaddy’s Got The Money – Clara Trinity, Ike Diezel


When Ike Diezel’s stepdaughter Clara Trinity is in need of some money she goes to Ike for help, who is happy to lend her some but she’ll have to pay him back in a most naughty way!

DadCrush – The Corruption of Dakota Burns: Chapter Two – Dakota Burns, Filthy Rich


Previously, Dakota Burns was suspended from school, and her stepbrother, Nicky Rebel, offered to help her cover up the incident. But the cover-up evolves into multiple fuck sessions between the stepsiblings, only to e...

DadCrush – One Thankful Daddy – Madison Summers, Filthy Rich


Maddison Summers is home for the holidays, and her stepdad, Filthy Rich, couldn’t be more excited! When Filthy gifts Madison an apron for Turkey Day dinner, she immediately puts it on and arouses herself in bed. Filth...

DadCrush – The Italian Way – Scarlett Sommers, Filthy Rich


When Scarlett Sommers gets back from Italy she stays with her stepdad Filthy Rich who has gotten the house ready to make her feel comfortable. Scarlett is so grateful for her stepdad’s hospitality that she decides to ...

DadCrush – Talented Toes – Scarlet Skies, Jay Rock


While Scarlet Skies is painting her toenails, her stepdad Jay Rock confesses that he’s always had a thing for feet. Scarlet ends up making all of her stepdad’s wild fantasies come true!

FamilyStrokes – With the House to Ourselves – Lily Lou, Donnie Rock


When Donnie Rock and Scarlett Sommers welcome their stepdaughter Lily Lou back home, Donnie notices that she has a habit of walking around half naked, so he confronts her about it. Since Scarlett is out doing errands,...

FamilyStrokes – Banking On the Private Sesh – Andi Rose, Donnie Rock


Times are rough, and Donnie Rock is facing eviction from his home. But his stepdaughter, Andi Rose, has been pulling in a good deal of cash from her new camming gig. When she learns of her stepparent’s financial woes,...

FamilyStrokes – Fucking in Plain Sight – Gia OhMy, Danny Steele


Gia OhMy is going through a rough breakup, and her stepdad, Danny Steele, attempts to console her. He explains she needs to find an older guy who is mature enough to satisfy her in every meaning of the word. She jumps...

DadCrush – Rise of the Succubus – Valerica Steele aka Val Steele, Filthy Rich


Valerica Steele has been practicing witchcraft and is looking to complete a complex hex but requires a specific ingredient—the semen of the intended. Her stepfather, Filthy Rich, doesn’t quite understand Valerica’s ne...

DadCrush – Taking Care of Stepdaddy – Kourtney Rae, Jay Rock


Kourtney Rae is a bit of a brat, but she knows how to get her way with her stepdad, Jay Rock. It starts with a report card, then that quickly evolves into getting permission to see another guy. Through sheer allure, K...

BadDaddyPOV – Lyra Lockhart: Cum All Over My Jugs, Stepdaddy! – Lyra Lockhart


Brunette nerdy babe Lyra Lockhart comes home to find out that her mom and step dad split up, she takes advantage of the opportunity and finally fucks her stepdad.

FamilyTherapy – The Fishing Trip – Taylor Blake, Alex Adams


Sit down, I just want to talk. We don’t talk enough anymore... Especially since you’ve been spending so much time with my best friend… How was that fishing trip you went on with him last week? Did you catch anything…....

FamilyTherapy – Bad Girls Have More Fun – Leana Lovings, Alex Adams


Step-dad, I've been bad again.. No I'm being serious. I'm not making it up. And I need to be punished. You have to spank me... I obviously need more discipline because I can't stop misbehaving....

FamilyTherapy – Paper Beats Rock – Dani Blu, Alex Adams


How's my favorite step-dad doing?.. You know what I've been thinking about? Don't tell me to go to my room.. I just keep thinking about my ass slapping into your fat cock... Why is that so bad?.. Don't just say we can...

FamilyXXX – Gia Loves Her Step Dads Older Big Cock – Gia Derza, Steve Holmes


Unsatisfied step daughter Gia does not want to see her boyfriend for a lack of orgasms and little did she know step daddy Steve is the perfect older cock to make her pussy cum again and again. Steve suggests that he k...

FamilyXXX – Angeline Gives Step Dad His Fair Share – Angeline Red, Brad Newman


Step dad Brad finds his teen step daughter Angeline and asks if the stripper shoes he found in her car were hers. At first she denied they were hers until Brad made her feel comfortable knowing he is not judging and h...

FamilyXXX – Step Daddy Welcomes Natalia Back Home – Natalia Nix, Mark Wood


Gorgeous tall and skinny step daughter Natalia is perfectly dressed in her slutty super tight dress for her step daddy when she arrived back home from school. Mark quickly lets her know her mother is out which gets Na...

FamilyXXX – MJ Gets Fresh With Step Daddy – Mj Fresh, Ramon Nomar


Super cute step daughter MJ could not wait for the morning to wake and get some of step daddy Ramon's Spanish breakfast sausage. She reminds Ramon her mother will be home the next day and needs to suck and fuck his ha...

DadCrush – Avoiding Punishment – Fionna Frost, Filthy Rich


Troublemaker Fionna Frost is busted for bad grades, and her stepdad, Filthy Rich, is forced to punish her. Fionna thinks of a way to get out of trouble and attempts to change her stepdad’s mind. Now that she’s found F...

FamilyStrokes – Listen to Your Body – Gianna Dior, Donnie Rock


Gianna Dior has been exploring her sexuality and going on dates with different guys, but she’s unsure of herself. Luckily her stepdad Donnie Rock has all the advice and lessons she could ask for. Together they unlock ...

DadCrush – My Stepdaughter’s Hot – Ailee Anne, Filthy Rich


There’s a heat wave going on and Filthy Rich is on the phone with the A/C guys trying to get it fixed while his stepdaughter Ailee Anne complains in the background. The A/C guys are swamped so they’re gonna have to de...

ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Curious Stepdaughter – Aria Banks, Brad Sterling


Tiny blonde cutie Aria Banks is left home alone, but not before her stepdad Brad Sterling warns her not to go looking through his drawers. Aria gets bored pretty quickly so she ends up rummaging through her parents’ d...

FamilyStrokes – Things My Sorority Taught Me – Binky Beaz, Duncan Saint


When Binky Beaz comes home from school for break, she is greeted warmly by stepparents Roxanne and Duncan Saint. But Binky seems distant and is always on her phone now, practically shutting out Roxanne. However, Binky...

DadCrush – The Little Tease – Sahara Skye, Jay Rock


Mr. Rock can’t stop noticing how hot his son Johnny’s girlfriend Sahara Skye is and it doesn’t help that she keeps coming on to him whenever Johnny’s not around. After the little tease makes Mr. Rock horny as fuck, sh...

DadCrush – Covid Sucks Dick – Scarlett Hampton, Bobby Beefcakes


Scarlett Hampton is aggressively horny after going so long without sex during quarantine, but her stepdad Bobby Beefcakes won’t let her go out unvaccinated. After receiving her vaccine, he suggests letting out some of...

FamilyXXX – Angeline’s Step Brother Delivers The Goods – Angeline Red, Codey Steele


Older step brother Codey finds his step sister Angeline's pink panties mixed in with his clothes and goes upstairs to deliver them and sees her naked in the shower. Well, Angeline wants it to be fair and asks Codey to...

FamilyXXX – Tiny Step Daughter Allie Gets Physical – Allie Addison, Will Pounder


Delicate and petite step daughter Allie loves the quiet time with her step dad Will as he always has a cute outfit for her to wear for him. Will makes sure they are just having fun and nothing more is growing out of t...

DadCrush – Carlito’s Lay – Gizelle Blanco, Charles Dera


Gizelle Blanco is the stepdaughter of the top drug lord in town, Charles Dera. She would do anything to please her stepfather. With Gizella being the next in line to take over the business, Charles, the boss, needs to...

FamilyStrokes – She’s At That Age – Michelle Anthony, Tina Melt


Redhead teen Michelle Anthony is at that age where she’s always horny and always trying to masturbate. One day she sneaks into her stepparents’ bedroom and steals her stepmom’s dildo. When she gets caught, she goes to...

DadCrush – Breaking the Spell – XxLayna Marie, Ike Diezel


While practicing her occult meditations, XxLayna Marie envisions herself blowing her stepdad, Ike Diezel. Now, in order to break the curse that has been cast on her mind, XxLayna must see the prophecy to completion an...

BigTitCreamPie – Step Dad’s Creampie – Angel Youngs, Sean Lawless


Angel Youngs was in the shower. She was playing with her big breasts and then started to masturbate. As she was about to come step dad rushed into the bathroom. Angel was embarrassed. Sean Lawless pretended like it is...

LoveHerFeet – My Mom’s Hubby Can’t Resist My Sexy Feet – Sofi Ryan, Steve Holmes


Strutting in her clear high heels with steel toes and short white shorts, Sofi finds her new stepdad at home trying to do some work but becoming very distracted by her foot dangling back and forth as she talks. Throwi...

BareBackStudios – Free Use Step Daughter – Bess Breast, Luke Longly


Is This Bikini Small Enough Step Dad Trying to make some coffee early in the morning when my Step Daughter Bess calls me into the living room. She is wearing a bikini and ask if it shows enough. I say her Step-Mother...

DadCrush – Practice With My Stepdad – Kinsley Kane, Bobby Beefcakes


Youthful Kinsley Kane is still new to the world of sex, but her stepdad, Bobby Beefcakes, is committed to helping her practice. Kinsley and Bobby work on stretching to make sure her teen body is ready for anything.

MissaX – Sexting Daddy – Laney Grey, Tommy Pistol


Mark (Tommy Pistol) has laid out the perfect outfit on his bed. He steps back and admires his brand new button-down, perfect for a date with the mysterious woman he's been chatting online with, Fran. Laying right next...

FamilyStrokes – Paranormal Activity – Haley Spades, Mike Mancini


Ever since Haley Spades showed up, strange things have been happening around the house. Things get even more bizarre when Haley continually pranks her stepdad, Mike Mancini. When the pranking comes to a climax, Haley ...

FilthyPOV – My Step-daughter Has A Thing For Older Men – Rachel Rivers


My wife and I have been having an issue with her step-daughter, we found some pictures on her phone that no 18-year-old girl should have. I sat Rachel down to talk to her about what was on her phone, in a cute way my ...