This week we’ve got another medical assistant student type. Blonde hottie Chloe is actually in school to be a dental assistant. Being a student doesn’t pay well from what I’ve been told, so naturally Chloe is here to take some dick (though she doesn’t know) for her chance to make some real money. I mean if you think about it, being a dental assistant is kinda like being in porn. You put your fingers inside someone for money, but today I’m gonna be putting stuff in her haha. She’s pretty apprehensive at first and surprisingly naive. She legit has no clue she’s about to get fucked. She’s fun and bubbly though, just how I like ‘em. We start by having her get naked and hand to god, those are some of the best tits I’ve ever seen! No joke; in the dictionary next to the word, “Tits,” should be a picture of those things. We get her completely naked, and put her back on the couch with a toy. She gets really wet. Like really really wet, you’ll see a lot of that girl cum. Then she sucks my dick like a blue ribbon winner would, the split screen we work in showing her ass and pussy while she’s sucking my cock is fantastic, you’re really gonna love it. Next, I throw her on the desk and get to work pounding that pretty pussy. We get some desk work, some chair work, some floor work. After that, she rides me on the couch which transitions to the side spoon position where I finally unload a week’s worth of cum in that thang. She gets a nice drippy creampie she seems to enjoy. When we’re all done with her, she realizes she should have done some sort of negotiating BEFORE putting dicks in her mouth. Her demeanor changes (but only slightly) when she finds out she isn’t getting paid. She gets dressed and she’s on her way… Oh yeah, I really did keep her underwear, they’re hanging from my lamp as I type this description.





Published: June 9, 2021

Duration: 1:04:04
Views: 5.99K

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