Hi guys!

I’m Skyler. I’m 19 and new to this site but I’m NOT new to men! They love me! Especially my tits lol, I’m very proud of them and love to show them off!

Anyway I’m here because I’m just looking for guys to hang out with. I’m not really into the whole dating thing I just like to fuck and suck cock. I’m into most things the only thing is that I’m not that great at deepthroating so if you have a really big cock it’ll be hard for me, but I promise I’ll try! I like to listen to music, go to the movies and all that kinda stuff too. Just make sure you or your friends fuck me before and after or I can be a real brat! Lol ok boys talk to u soooon!


Skyler Vox


EvilAngel, HookupHotshot


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Published: October 1, 2019

Duration: 1:15:52
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