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ATKGirlfriends – Ivy takes your load on her face! – Ivy Wolfe


Virtual Vacation Las Vegas 3/3 Ivy Wolfe It's your last encounter with Ivy, so you want to make it special. You eat her pussy and she cums like mad. Then she sucks you off and fucks your cock nice and hard. She rides...

ATKGirlfriends – Jade comes over fucks you, and you cum on her face. – Jade Kush


POV Sex Jade Kush Jade is here and ready to fuck. She sees you looking at her tits and wants to show you how she can stroke your cock with them. You strip her down, and get her off before she sucks your cock. You fuc...

ATKGirlfriends – Jade wants you in her ass yet again! – Jade Amber


You return after being all day and Jade wants to fuck you so bad. She sucks your cock then you fuck her tight ass. She moans as you pound it. You switch to her pussy and she gives you a footjob before you creampie her.

ATKGirlfriends – Jane has a blast at the nude beach! – Jane Wilde


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 6/9 Jane Wilde You take Jane out again, and you hit the nude beach. She has fun in the waves, letting the water crash on her pussy and tits. You leave there, and take a drive to the top of the...

ATKGirlfriends – Jane loves fucking you outdoors. – Jane Wilde


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 4/9 Jane Wild You take Jane out for the day, and things get wild. First in the car you get her off. Then you go on a hike, and she pees while you watch. Soon she got your cock in her mouth and...

ATKGirlfriends – Jane Wants Daddy To Fuck Her Tight Ass. – Jane Wilde


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 9/9 Jane Wilde Jane wakes up next to you, and feels your hard cock. She wants you to eat her pussy and get her good and ready to fuck. She sucks you off, and you fuck her. She asks daddy to fu...

ATKGirlfriends – Jane wants your cock in her ass, and your cum on her feet. – Jane Wilde


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 7/9 Jane Wilde Jane is extra horny and ready to play. She gets your dick out and blows you till you are nice and hard. She grab her hitachi and wants you to fuck her while she uses it. Once sh...

ATKGirlfriends – Jane Wilde strokes your cock until you cum in her mouth – Jane Wilde


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 2/9 Jane Wilde You are having a nice time on the balcony with Jane when she starts getting frisky. She rubs your cock with her feet, and starts playing with her pussy. You take her inside and ...

ATKGirlfriends – Jill enjoys a day in the water, and an afternoon on your cock. – Jill Kassidy


Virtual Vacation Big Island 8/8 Jill Kassidy You take Jill out for a day of snorkeling in the reefs. She has a great time exploring the waters. You get home and she wants that cock. She sucks you off and strokes you ...

ATKGirlfriends – Jill is in bed and wants you to fuck her hard – Jill Kassidy


Virtual Vacation Big Island 2/8  Jill Kassidy Jill missed you a lot since your last trip. She wants you to fuck her hard and deep. She sucks you off and strokes your cock with her perfect feet. She jumps on your cock...

ATKGirlfriends – Jill loves the waterfall, and spending a day out with you. – Jill Kassidy


You take Jill out for the day and hike up to a waterfall. She enjoys every minute with you. You take a romantic drive in the fog, and when it gets dark you head home.

ATKGirlfriends – Kate comes over and fucks you good. – Kate Bloom


POV Sex Kate Bloom Kate comes over after hearing you are fun to fuck. You light up a smoke and strip her down. You make cum and she wants to suck you off. She gives you a footjob before you fill her pussy with your h...

ATKGirlfriends – Kenzie loves the wildlife park in Singapore! – Kenzie Reeves


Virtual Vacation Singapore 4/5 Kenzie Reeves You take Kenzie out for the day to explore Singapore. You end up at the wildlife park, and Kenzie has up close and personal interaction with animals she's never even seen ...

ATKGirlfriends – Kenzie meets some monkeys, and they love her! – Kenzie Reeves


Virtual Vacation Malaysia 2/5  Kenzie Reeves You travel to see the monkeys and Kenzie can't wait. When she gets there, they are all over her and she loves it. You take a scenic boat ride and have a romantic casual ev...

ATKGirlfriends – Kenzie smokes, squirts, and cums on her last day in Singapore – Kenzie Reeves


Virtual Vacation Singapore Kenzie Reeves 5/5 Kenzie catches you watching the footage you make, and thinks its best you make some more. She lights a smoke, and its time to go. She jumps up on the desk, and you make he...

ATKGirlfriends – Kenzie wants Daddy to creampie her on the chair. – Kenzie Reeves


Virtual Vacation Malaysia 3/5 Kenzie Reeves You have dinner, and quickly Kenzie is on your cock. She gives you a BJ while smoking, and its hot. You move over to the couch and get a footjob, then she rides you. Once s...

ATKGirlfriends – Khloe loves the waterfall, and flashing you on trails. – Khloe Kapri


Virtual Vacation: Big Island 6/10 You drive Khloe to the waterfall area, and she has a smoke on the way. You pull over, and play with her pussy on the side of the road. Once you hit the trail, she keeps flashing you ...

ATKGirlfriends – Khloe wants to kiss and fuck. – Khloe Kapri


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 9/9 Khloe Kapri Khloe crawls up at you and kisses you. She goes down and sucks you off. You eat her out, and she gives you a footjob. Then you fuck her tight pussy, and give her your cum on he...

ATKGirlfriends – Kyler comes over and rides your cock. – Kyler Quinn


POV Sex Kyler Quinn Kyler comes over and wants to show you how good she'd be on a trip. She smokes her vape and has you strip her down. You get her off before she sucks your cock and strokes you with her toes. You fi...

ATKGirlfriends – Kyler wants your cum in her pussy, even if she’s not on birth control. – Kyler Quinn


You are in bed with Kyler and you can't keep your hands off her. You go down on her and taste her perfect pussy. She sucks you off and strokes your cock with her feet before you fuck her. She wants your cum in her pus...

ATKGirlfriends – Lacy comes over and makes your cock cum so hard! – Lacy Lennon


VIRTUAL Handjob/Blowjob/Footjob Lacy Lennon Lacy is excited to meet you. She jumps on the bed and gets you going right away. You make her cum and she wants to return the favor. She sucks you off and fucks your cock w...

ATKGirlfriends – Leah comes over and cums on your cock over and over. – Leah Lee


POV Sex Leah Lee Sexy Leah wants to impress you, but it turns out you impress her. You make her cum like nobody else has. She calls you daddy and loves your cock. When you cum she wants it in her pussy even though sh...

ATKGirlfriends – Leena rides your cock and you cum in her pussy. – Lenna Lux


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 2/11 Lenna Lux Lenna is having a great time and wants to show you one too. She hops on the bed and asks you to take her clothes off. You go down on her and she cums so hard. She sucks you off ...

ATKGirlfriends – Lenna Wakes To Your Hard On, And Loves It. – Lenna Lux


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 3/11 Lenna Lux You wake Lenna with your hard cock, and she is ready to fuck. You both love some morning sex, so you get right to it. She sucks your cock, and gives you a little titjob before s...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily Adams Halloween POV – Lily Adams


You take Lily to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins. You take her home and get a look at her pumpkins! She sucks you off outside, and you head in to fuck. You make her squirt all over before you creampie her...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily cums hard and wants you load! – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Amsterdam 3/6 Lily Adams You follow Lily into the bathroom, and watch her pee. She head to the bed and you make her cum with your fingers. She sucks you off, and you fuck her hard. You rub her clit a...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily enjoys the museum, and your cock. – Lily Adams


You take Lily out for the day and show her some culture. She has a great day, but can' stop thinking about your cock. She gets you back to the room and slides your pants off. She sucks you off and strokes your cock wi...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily gets filled with cum! – Lily Adams


Virtual Date Malibu 2/2 Lily Adams After you fool around outside with Lily its time to get serious in the house. You get her off even with her tampon in. She rides your cock, and you make her cum. She takes your dick...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily is happy to stay inside and fuck. – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Italy 3/8 Lily Adams Lily has to pee and wants you to watch. You get her on the bed and make her cum with your fingers. She sucks you off, and you fuck her hard and make her squirt and cum over and o...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily is over the moon to be in Amsterdam – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Amsterdam 1/6 Lily Adams Lily is so excited to be in Amsterdam. The freedom, the history, the legal weed. You get into the room, and she wants to fuck. She sucks you off, and you go down on her. You ...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily loves the museums and culture in Amsterdam! – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Amsterdam 5/6 Lily Adams You take Lily out for a day of sightseeing. She loves all the art she gets to see. She loves holding your hand while you explore. You can tell, this trip is changing her life.

ATKGirlfriends – Lily Loves Walking Italy Almost As Much As She Loves Your Cock. – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Italy 1/8 Lily Adams You arrive in Italy and Lily wants to hold your hand everywhere you go. You check into your hotel and she wants you to want her pee. You hit the streets and enjoy the city. Lily ...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily visits some classic art, and explores the city. – Lily Adams


Virtual Vacation Italy 2/8 Lily Adams You take a tour and see some true masterpieces with Lily. She keeps grabbing your hand, and you know she won't soon forget this. You walk the streets, and buys some stuff. In the...

ATKGirlfriends – Lily wants to get dirty in London with you. – Lily Adams


Lily is naked in bed, and you make her cum right away. She has you stand so she can suck you off right there. You fuck her hard and fast and she cums again. You play with her little asshole and she loves it. You fill ...

ATKGirlfriends – Lola wants you in her ass, but watch her finger it first. – Lola Fae


POV Sex Lola Fae Lola comes over, and wants something really bad. She wants you to fuck her ass. She has a smoke, and you play with her pussy for a bit. She sucks you off before she rides you. Then its time to fuck h...

ATKGirlfriends – Lucy comes out to Vegas to meet you! – Lucy Valentine


Virtual Vacation Las Vegas 1/6 Lucy comes to Vegas ready to play, so you get her off before you even go out. She gets ready, and you get her off again. You take her to see some sites, and then head back to the room. ...

ATKGirlfriends – Lucy has a smoke, and wants to fuck. – Lucy Valentine


Virtual Vacation Las Vegas 5/6 Lucy Valentine Lucy lights up, and starts putting on a show for you. Soon she is stripped of all her clothes, and you are playing with her clit. Once she cums, she wants to pleasure you...

ATKGirlfriends – Malaysia at night is an epic start to your visit! – Kenzie Reeves


Virtual Vacation Malaysia 1/5 Kenzie Reeves You take Kenzie to the best view of the city lights. She's never seen anything as beautiful. The next day you explore a bit and fuck hard in the room. She rides your cock a...

ATKGirlfriends – Megan had the best night, and now a great morning. – Megan Marx


Virtual Vacation Las Vegas 3/3 Megan Marx You wake Megan and start playing with her body. She loves you want to fuck again. You go down on her and make her cum. She sucks you off and gives you a footjob before riding...

ATKGirlfriends – Megan needs your load in her pussy. – Megan Winters


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 2/5 Megan Winters You take Megan out to see the beach and some old lava flow. While you drive home you can't help but notice her sexy legs and feet. You strip her down and give her a gentle ma...

ATKGirlfriends – Melody Brings A Friend Over To Suck You Off Together. – Melody Marks, Rosie Reefer


Melody brings Rosie over who is a bit shy and they want to show you a good time. They give you a footjob, and suck your cock. You play with Rosie's pussy and they get to work on making you cum and eating it off you.

ATKGirlfriends – Melody comes over to show you how dirty she is. – Melody Marks


POV Sex Melody Marks Melody comes over and takes notice to you looking at her feet. She knows she can get you hot and bothered if she shows them off. Soon she has you eating her pussy and making her cum. You fuck her...

ATKGirlfriends – Morning POV Sex Chloe Temple – Chloe Temple


Your nurse heard about your ED, and she is here to fix it. She jerks you and sucks you off before she rides your cock. You fuck her hard and fill her with your cum even though she's not on birth control.

ATKGirlfriends – New girl Hannah is ready to ride your cock. – Hannah Hawthorne


Hannah comes over, and wants to impress you. She doesn't know she already has. You get her naked and she cums from you eating her out. She sucks you off and gives you an epic footjob. You slide into her young tight pu...

ATKGirlfriends – New girl Lolli Lane comes over and works your cock good. – Lolli Lane


POV Sex Lolli Lane Lolli is new in town and heard you are a fun fuck. She has a smoke and you strip her down and make her cum. You fuck her fast and hard and she cums more. She likes calling you daddy, and wants you ...

ATKGirlfriends – Niki comes over for the first time. – Niki Snow


POV Sex  Niki Snow Niki comes over and wants you to play with her. She wants you to make her cum. She needs your dick deep in her pussy, pounding her hard. She wants you to fill her pussy with your cum.

ATKGirlfriends – Niki enjoys fucking you in Hawaii. – Niki Snow


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 2/13 Niki Snow You and Niki are in bed, and you go down on her. She can't believe how good you are at eating her pussy. You make her cum hard and she sucks you off before giving you a footjob....

ATKGirlfriends – Niki has the best first day in Hawaii! – Niki Snow


Virtual Vacation Hawaii 1/13 Niki Snow You travel to Hawaii with Niki, and she is excited to be there. You tour around a bit, then head to the house. You get her off while she relaxes, she cums hard. Then you take he...