Fact: There are approx. 27 Million active shoplifters in our nation today. American retailers lose $45 billion annually to theft. In the business of retail, there are two separate but equally important parties. The SHOPLYFTER that tries to steal the merchandise, and the loss prevention officer who stands in their way. Once caught, these officers need to make sure these delinquents never steal again by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. These are their stories.

Scene 1: Case No. 0606211 – Jennifer Jacobs, Evan Stone

Scene 2: Case No. 876952 – Maya Morena, Wrex Oliver

Scene 3: Case No. 6339162 – Skylar Snow, Ryan McLane

Scene 4: Case No. 3316892 – Veronica Vega aka Veronica Valentine, Jack Vegas


Shoplyfter, TeamSkeet


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Published: April 11, 2021

Duration: 3:12:17
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